The eagle has landed!

Mad dogs and English men may go out in the mid-day sun but let me tell you sensible ones stay in and have a nap! But that was mid-day let me start a great deal earlier to be exact 3.30 am!IMG_5435 mid day

I woke and could hear a whistling sound, it continued and I wondered if it might be an owl, so up I sprung (poetic licence there!) to look out of the window. It was by then pretty light but there was no sign of an owl, shame! However something did catch my eye, it was a deer looking at me!!! Then I saw not one but a whole group of them walking along on the grassy edge of the loch, the tide was out at this time. I came downstairs and tried to get a picture but it was clearly not light enough for that. I wonder if they do that every morning? I have a plan to try and capture them if they come back tonight.

Back to bed and thankfully back to sleep until a more acceptable hour arrived to get up. Even first thing it was another beautiful day so before it got too hot Sprocket thought he would take the air at the loch side.

IMG_5407  Sprocket

Ian, Sprocket and I had a walk locally and before the heat forced us to return we saw several red butterflies, all too quick to ID and none would settle but this beautiful butterfly obliged.IMG_5431 blue butterfly

We also found a caterpillar which would seem to be the Drinker moth, we had one of those in our garden in Norfolk once. I like the way it is clinging on!

The day really did heat up and as we were in charge of Sprocket we spent the afternoon indoors loch watching. A pair of Mergansers were swimming, unfortunately on the far side of the loch and he was putting on quite a display.

In the evening we all went out looking for a white-tailed eagle and we had success!

We spotted him very quickly and soon after we arrived a second one flew in, he flew over to her and then straight back in his tree where he remained. We didn’t see the other one again and assume she is sitting on a nest.

What a bird! So pleased we all saw them and our timing was perfect!

Tomorrow we are planning to go to Iona for the pleasure of being there and in the hope of adding Corncrake!