Who needs birds?!

The dinning at the hotel went a bit wrong last night and took forever! In my endeavour not to eat too much processed sugar I ended the meal with cheese and biscuits. The alarm was set for 5.30am and a I was so tired I ended us going to sleep about half an hour after finishing eating. Now I have often heard that cheese causes nightmares and I don’t know if it is true or not but I had what I think was the worst one ever in the early hours. It woke me up and I decided to get up which meant we were at our destination, Dell woods,┬ábirding before the alarm went off!

The hunt for Capercaillies was on but they didn’t seem to know that as there was no sign. We were disappointed but not surprised. On the way back we saw a few deer including this fella.

We were out for nearly three hours then back for breakfast. Later we decided to try the same walk in Abernethy wood as although Crested tits are not showing well it seems the best chance to get an improved view on yesterdays. Again a lovely walk and again no luck with birds. We did meet a sweet family group picnicking by the loch and they took our photo. We have more photos together this year than in the past twenty years I reckon!

We thought these few days in Speyside would be the most productive, this has not been so but we have still enjoyed the surroundings. We went out again later to a new place and what a smashing time we had. On the way we found a lovely coffee shop/gallery and I had the best cup of coffee since leaving home! We drove over a bridge over the river Spey and I jumped out for a couple of pictures, a beautiful view in both directions.

We went to an area by the Dulnain river and had such fun, the river looks as though it has literally had it highs and lows! I had fun taking some black and white pictures for a change.

We stomped around and not only had fun but we have found a lovely home by the river to buy, I have always dreamed of such a property. Maybe you will visit us one day!!!

The setting is wonderful and is so close to the river, oh this is the bridge over the river!

I think Ian was overcome by the excitement as I turned round to talk to him and he was sitting down, this wasn’t a planned action but he was laughing so I knew all was well!IMG_4545 Ian oops

What do you think? I love the different style of windows it has!

The walls look solid and the chimney sound!

Only on small problem, there may be squatters!IMG_4570  house! squatters

One of the best things is we wouldn’t have to think of a name for it as it has a name plate up already!IMG_4569  house! name

So what do you think, should we make them an offer or maybe we could all club together and have a time share!!! Hopefully you can tell that even though birds seem to be hiding we have not stopped enjoying ourselves.

May round up on the way very soon.