Six legged creatures!

We have had a really lazy weekend and enjoyed every moment of it! Yesterday we enjoyed the sun in the garden and shared a BBQ with family whilst trying something new in our mothing experience! We had trapped the night before and got a few moths including a Powdered quaker and one new for us, the Least black arches.

I have read of ┬álots of people lately having Emperor moths in their gardens and I rather fancied the idea myself. The males, which are the most spectacular looking ones, aren’t attracted by light traps but they can be lured with pheromones. The excellent ALS (suppliers of all thinks mothing!) sell lures, tiny bits of rubber soaked in the sent which we hoped would bring one to our patch.

A few hours after hanging the lure I saw an Emperor moth but it just wouldn’t land and after a little while I watched as he flew over the fence and away, very frustrating. An hour or so later and he was back, fortunately by then Peter was here and he kept into action, net in hand and he was caught, that’s the moth not Peter!

IMG_2726 Emperor moth

Now honestly isn’t he a beauty? Not quite the image most people have when you mention moths is it?

After just a short while we saw another one and again Peter leapt into action and again the moth was netted. So at our first attempt to lure an Emperor we now had two.IMG_2706 Emperor mothsIMG_2714 Emperor mothThere was quite a difference in the colour, the second being quite a bit darker. They posed for photos and then were off maybe they will return another day. Another couple of visitors were the common green shield bug and a Small white butterfly both pictured below.


So without mention of birds we have still been pursuing wings this weekend, back to birds tomorrow I think!