My new back garden?


So things aren’t looking too good for my time share proposition (see ‘Who needs birds?’) so far I only have one taker!!!

But this morning we returned, parked in the same spot but instead of walking down to the river we walked up away from the ‘cottage’ and up onto the heath, I liked to think of it as potentialy my back garden! Considering just a few years ago breathing was for me not the easiest thing and that Ian has, during this year had heart problems we did pretty well with our walk today. We had hardly begun our climb when a female black grouse flew out, smashing, the first female we had seen.

The views were lovely but I tend to find the moment I take a photo they flatten out, still I take some points along the way to keep the memories alive. Here is Ian literally putting his best foot forward.

We found this bug along the way, it was a funny thing. It walked a few inches then flew a few and so it went on. I have just identified it as a green tiger beetle and the behaviour I described with the short flights seems typical!IMG_4807 bug

As we climbed we found more and more dead stumps and trees, they stand out beautifully.

We saw very little bird life, some pipits and a pair of Stonechats. Also this damselfly, which seems to be a large red damselfly the same as we had before. Honestly you drive from Norfolk to the Highlands and still find the same one!

Apart from the damselfly and some wood ants the only insects we saw were dozens of the same type of moth. They never settled near enough to get a decent photo which was very annoying

.IMG_4708 moth

We walked for about two and a half hours through the heath which is just my kind of fun, of course it took half as long for the return trip! This trio of trees, alive and dead appealed to me.IMG_4723 3 trees

We were going to have a stroll over by the river where we visited before but there were other people there, what a cheek! We noticed this rather special squirrel the other day and were amused by it again today.

Later on, (I would say after lunch but somehow we missed lunch) we drove back to Nethybridge. Well  should that be Nethybridge or Nethy bridge, I don’t know and it seems no one really can make their minds up.

We popped into our hotel for a quick cuppa then went off to find the river walk just a short walk over the bridge.IMG_4821 river walk sign

It is really quite a fast flowing river,  I don’t know if it was a tad too fast for some bird life. We did a fleeting sighting of a Dipper but no wagtails at all. We were amused by the man sitting fishing!

It is a very pleasant walk and when we got back to the village we met the RSPB ranger and had a good chat. She said if we return later in the year to get in touch and she will take us out for a walk for better Crestie views!

We are saying farewell to Nethy in the morning so tonight I think we will get mostly packed up and ready to go. We are very much looking forward to our week on Mull and expect to have adventures to report on!