Another distant duck

We ventured out of county today, all the way to Suffolk! It was our first visit to Lackford lakes, a Suffolk Wildlife trust site and very nice it was too.IMG_7273 crop

We knew there was a female Long-tailed duck there so set off seeking her. We had a good walk around the site and thankfully found the duck. Like the Ferruginous duck yesterday it was right on the far side of the lake but at least we saw her.

Evidently the duck has been there since before Christmas so we have been rather slow discovering it!  Walking around the site takes you through wooded areas between the hides and I imagine in spring and summer it would be lovely.

We got one sight of a Kingfisher that flew across the lake but didn’t return. There are several pieces of wood that have presumably been placed as perches for the Kingfisher but it didn’t make use of them today.

There were Mute swans, plenty of geese (especially Canada geese), ducks mainly Teal but a complete lack of waders.

The wooded section was alive with small birds including of course Robins! We spent several happy hours there and are certain to return but for today we were homeward bound.