Round and round we went!

The past few days have been cold, wet and windy and not an encouragement to go out but a change was on the way. We decided to have a change of area and see what Minsmere had to offer so a quick look on the internet and we had booked a room for a couple of nights away. We had stayed at The Eels Foot before and were more than  happy to return and see if we still like it!

I checked RBA to see if anything was on our route that would be worth dropping in on. One stood out and that was a Glossy ibis at Hollesley Marshes RSPB it wasn’t much of a detour so off we went. We got so close to the site…several times in fact! Somehow we managed to drive round in circles and we were beginning to despair when we saw an RSPB sign but no they were the wrong marshes!

If we had known that it was by a prison I think we would have arrived earlier but eventually we found the site and the task of finding the bird proved to be, thankfully, much easier.

The Ibis was distant as the pictures show but it was good to see it alongside an egret and several herons. The weather had been a bit grim, rain for a lot of the journey but like our mood it improved whilst we were at Hollesley.

We may have seen a Yellow-legged gull but need to check some pictures. We did see an insect which I hope to Id but for now we can’t count it. On our way I spotted  a beautiful deer among the trees and unusually it waited for us to reverse and stood to have his picture taken.


We checked in at The Eels Foot Inn, left our bags there and went straight off to Minsmere as time was going by quickly.

It was gone three before we arrived at Minsmere and sat to eat some lunch, that was over seven hours since I had filled the food flasks and yes lunch was still good and hot! A Magpie kept us company while we ate and the Pheasants and rabbits were near the visitors centre.

We had a look for two female Smew that are on site but we couldn’t find them, we will try again tomorrow. We had been told the best place to be try to see harriers coming in to roost and sometimes but not always, that includes a Hen harrier. We were also told of nearer place we could put the car which would be easier to get to in the dark.

Hooray at last we saw a Greater spotted woodpecker, not sure how it has taken us this long but I suspect we will be seeing them all over the place now!

It was beautiful looking out over the marshes as the light faded and we were fortunate to see not only a Hen harrier but a Bittern flew right in front of the hide…brilliant, he was bird number 141. We met two charming young ladies in the hide who both work for the RSPB and it turned out are staying in the same place as us. Even they hadn’t heard of the RSPB site that we had struggled to find this morning!!!

Back to The Eels foot to get settled in and have something light to eat after our rather late lunch. We plan an early night in the hope that we will be up early tomorrow morning to return to the hide on Minsmere, before breakfast, as we hear that Otters sometime make an appearance there.

Day one of our Suffolk trip has gone well and I am looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings!