A life tick but no picture to show!


As we were heading to Yarmouth we made an early start, hoping the very grey day would, like yesterday, brighten up, it did eventually but not until mid afternoon! We went hoping to see the Glaucous gull in Yarmouth and the Lesser yellowlegs at Breydon water. These photos show we did make it to Yarmouth and indeed there were gulls also the football ground were we caught up with the gull.

What ¬†they don’t show is the Glaucous gull because although we saw it we only had a short sighting of it and no photo opportunity! None the less for me it was a life tick which is always good although to be honest I rarely get excited about gulls!

We moved on to Breydon water waiting for the tide to go out and reveal the mud hoping the Lesser yellowlegs would fly in. We were entertained by a Short eared owl flying in the distance, he went up several times, beautiful! A small group of eager birders were stood waiting when a message came over saying the Yellowlegs had arrived, sadly in a different place to us! Never mind we jumped in the car and moved on hoping it would wait for us to arrive. I guess I should say we were lucky as we did see the bird although I prefer to call today’s one a lesser yellow dot as that was what we saw!!! Better than nothing but again not a hope of a picture.¬†Instead I have decided to include pictures of a Lesser yellowlegs I saw several years ago that was considerably more obliging.

Maybe another time we may get a better sighting but for today we will make do with a distant glimpse and hope you will make do with my old pictures of a similar bird.

We moved on to Stumpshaw Fen looking for Bean geese on the way but we were not lucky. Strumpshaw is an RSPB reserve and we enjoyed an hour on so there chatting with Lee the RSPB worker and looking over the reserve as the daylight began to fade. A resident black swan (that must have escaped from a collection long ago) was just outside the hide. There was a small selection of ducks including a pair of Gadwall.

Marsh harriers were flying in the distance some times up to eight at a time! The light faded quite quickly but did look beautiful over the water, sadly my pictures don’t really capture it.

Another day birding comes to an end and four more birds are adding bring us to 119