A day filled with pictures!

The day began well with a walk down to the harbour to visit Billy Shiels boat trip stand to see if we could get on a boat today. Well to be honest before that we had a yummy breakfast at our B & B, it is called ‘Dunelm’ and we would deffinately recommend it. Anyway back to boat trips and yes we were in luck we booked the mid day trip to Inner Farne, just what we wanted and to top it all the sky was blue and set to remain like it all day. We saw a stoat we dashing around on the sea shore, disappearing under the stones! This shows where we were going later.IMG_3497 Farne from Seahouses

The time to board the boat soon came around and we were off heading across calm waters to Inner Farne . Even before we arrived we saw Grey seals.

We drove around some of the other islands and got our first sight of what we were all hoping for…birds!

We saw the lighthouse on Inner Farne and also the Grace Darling lighthouse. The excitment was mounting as we approached our destination. It didn’t seem to matter if people had been before or not, they were either excited knowing what to expect or the first timers, like us, we’re full of hope that it would be as good as we had heard. Now I know the good photographers out there would have been on the ground getting straight on shots but that isn’t for me, to be honest the fear is that if I had tried that approach the boat home would have gone without me!

We were greeted by the Arctic terns as we arrived and all I had heard about them bombing your head and having a good peck turned out to be true! Well at least that was what happened to some of us, me included, others, Ian included were mostly left alone. To be honest in a strange way it was part of the experience so I didn’t mind!

We walked around the island and I was really hoping for good views of Puffin, I needn’t have worried! I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love a Puffin, they are so beautiful and at the same time very funny. Even their nesting habit amuses me, nesting in burrows, do they think they ar rabbits?!

Okay here’s some more then!

There were lots of Guilimots too including some bridled ones, you can spot them by the white eye ring and line down from the eye.

It it doesn’t seem to matter how many there are in any one place there is always space for another one to drop in!

We also saw a few Razorbills but not many, I have included a Black headed gull, not very exciting but none the less present! Also the occasional Common term. There were also good numbers of Shag some already with young.

Also nesting in good numbers were Kittiwakes, they seem such a gentle birds although I may be quite wrong!

We were only on the island for about an hour but it was brilliant and I would happily go again! It was certainly helped by the lovely weather, although there was a bit of a mist. I have saved some more Puffin shots to end on our time on Farne as we head back to Seahouse.

We we arrived back in the harbour and whilst walking we were treated to more Eiders but I am saving those pictures for the next time. Later after a lovely meal at The Lincs we saw ‘our boat’ at rest we were heading ‘home’ to rest too!IMG_3809

The beautiful Puffins brought our number up to 218