The untickables!

Unless we were about to go up to the highlands and islands of Scotland there hasn’t been much to tempt us out in the cold or wet. That hasn’t prevented us from have a good weekend though and thankfully on the days that mattered the weather was kind.

Friday saw Daniel enjoying a firework party to celebrate his fifth birthday, good friends, food, games and explosive devises made for a good time!

Today, following a service of remembrance, where Alice and Matilda were on parade in their St John cadets uniforms we all headed for the zoo. We had no thought of adding to our number today but in fact we did. Eagle eyed Lynn first spotted what we identified as a field vole which was a new one for us so that was a bonus!

Exotic birds and butterflies fly free in ‘Eureka’

A trip to Banham zoo would not be complete without a ride on the train and today the driver got Daniel to help check everyone was safe! img_1914

Walking round and there is plenty to see here are a few bits and pieces. Since our last visit the penguins have a new home, having seen them above groun the children took time to see if any were swimming.

As well as the animals there was quite a good variety of fungi including some classics!

We watched part of the flying display and these were two of the stars, a European eagle owl and a saker falcon. The bald eagle wasn’t flying just lurking for people to take his photos!

Another change since our last visit means that you can now get closer to a heard of deer.

I have saved a couple of my favourites till last. This first one was new to me and I was very taken with him, he is a rhino iguana and what a handsome fella he is too. I am sure this will sound strange but I was really surprised to see the emotion he seemed to portray in his looks. WHo knows if he really was or maybe it was just the way I read him but I wasn’t the only one that thought he looked like he wanted someone to pet him!

Thi snext one has always been a favourite and today was no exception in fact the addition of a baby one makes them even more appealing. Red pandas are adorable!!! Sadly by the time they wanted to show the light was fading making photography a bit of a no starter, maybe we will return another time.

I will leave it there, so of course these don’t go on our year list but they did add to the fun!

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