Barking mad!

This morning we had hoped to be busy sorting moths from the trap but in fact we only had three Lunar underwings and one Garden carpet plus two micros both light brown Apple moths. So needless to say that didn’t exactly fill our morning!

I took a stroll into town to see what I could find, not a lot but then I didn’t need anything really!

This afternoon was a much better affair as we decided to take Sprocket for a walk at The Lodge. Yesterday we had been there pursuing birds and bugs but today we had to stick to the road through and the bridle path as clearly marked.

There is a definite hint of Autumn and a carpet of leaves added to a very pleasant walk. We only met a few people, some cyclist, some runners and one family walking their two miniature schnauzers!  Both sweet dogs, one only four and a half months old, but neither a patch on Sprocket.

Time for a quick game of ‘who’s the King of the castle’!

If we had walked with our eyes closed we would hardly have seen less birds or insects! One moth flew by but quickly out of sight apart from that we did see a small tit flock high in some trees.img_0300

It was whilst looking for birds that one of us went barking mad! Was it Sprocket? No I must confess I am the guilty one! My barking was quieter than if it had been Sprocket, I was just so taken with the variety that trees have to offer.


Down the bridle path we went through gates and over a rather old bridge when we found ourselves in a lovely open field, free from animals and other people and away from the reserve so Sprocket could have a free run.img_0278-sprocket

He was so good, returning each time he was called and never straying too far. Time to go back on his lead before starting our homeward journey.

This squirrel made an appearance when we were nearly back to the car. Sprocket didn’t take all that much notice until it ran off and then his interest was really sparked!

I couldn’t be sure what the squirrel had in his mouth but it may have been one of the many acorns growing near by.img_0350-acorn

When we got home it was time to start thinking about food, we made our choice from the hearty supply that had been left in the fridge and freezer! Whilst ours was cooking tea for bunnies, cats and dog was prepared and we are now all settled down for a lazy evening.

I am looking forward to hearing how the run goes tomorrow and to seeing photos!

3 thoughts on “Barking mad!

  1. Love the blogg titles, keeping me in suspence.
    Lol, Didn’t know whether to believe your squirrel sighting after being caught out by Alan’s earlier Facebook post.
    First signs of Autumn showing, but isn’t the weather doing us proud so far.
    Good luck to Ruth and Stuart in tomorrow’s run.

    Liked by 1 person

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