Down but not out!

Things are not going accordingly to plan at the moment, if they were I would be checked into a  Rutland hotel in readiness for Birdfair tomorrow. Instead I am at home having waved Ian off! Nothing terrible must be read into that, it is simply that my back led me to think walking around all day in the bustle of Birdfair might not be wise but I was more than happy for Ian to go as I certainly didn’t want us both to miss out. I am trusting he will come back inspired and I have no doubt with several free pens!

Although I am left behind (sob,sob) I thought I would have a look through  some pictures I have taken at home this past week or so especially as we had a rather special apple thief yesterday, but more of her later.

It has been a fairly quiet week with moths due to a bright moon and lots of clear skies, not favourable for moth trapping but none the less we have had a few nice ones.

I have pain killers from the doctor but a much better tonic was a visit from Peter, Lynn and family at the weekend and Daniel came bearing a gift.IMG_8305 Daniel's tree

How sweet is that? It isn’t everyday that I am given a piece of original art I can tell you!

Alice spent some while on some ‘patio art’ and later Daniel had help from his Mum and Dad and sisters to dig for dinosaur bones!IMG_8308 art

A few days ago this young Robin was in the garden it seems to have gone now, hopefully it has flown off to get on with it’s life rather than being caught by something!

I was amused by a visiting pigeon, it seemed to have a similar approach to bathing as I do, get snuggled in, make yourself comfy and just relax, it sat there for ages! IMG_8279 pigeon

A couple of non moth visitors around the trap recently were this bee and a Daddy long legs spiders or as I like to call it, a Naomi Campbell spider, it legs went on and on!

Yesterday whilst making a coffee I noticed a different looking bird eating our apples on the tree. I say different because there have been many blackbirds tucking into them the past week or two ( I hope they leave us a few but I am not too optimistic!). Any way the first view I got of it was the tail and very light underneath the tail, it looked a bit like a flycatcher but unless we had a vegetarian one that seemed unlikely! I grabbed binoculars and a camera and took a couple of shots through the window.

I thought I would try my luck by opening the door but of course she flew, fortunately though she landed in another tree in the open, not for long but long enough!

So it turned out to be a female blackcap not a first for the garden but possibly only the second or third so we were pleased. I often wonder what birds we miss in the garden, the occasional, brief visitors that go unseen as it was only luck that I spotted her. I often dream of a rarity flying in and what I would do, who would I call first? Would I let all and sundry into the garden to view it? The answer to the first question is easy, the second would take a bit more thought, but as nothing has flown in I needn’t worry tonight!!!

Well the moth light has come on so I wonder what tonight will bring, should be a bit cloudier so there more be more. As I popped into the garden to take this snap all the local Jackdaws seem to be saying goodnight to each other! IMG_8311

It is most unusual for me to be home alone but to mark the occasion I have decided that some fruit tea made in my favourite pot will be just right later as I chose a film to watch in bed. I hope Birdfair goes well, I hope Ian finds someone to use my ticket! If you are going, find your way to the LensCoat stall, they make great stuff and you can say hi to Peter while you are there.  I am optimistic that by this time next week I will be back to normal and we can get out and about again!IMG_8312



5 thoughts on “Down but not out!

  1. I absolutely love this blog! Bless you for being so bright even when things go awry and there were so many interesting sightings in your own garden. You are so right about all the creatures we must miss through lack of looking. Just think of the amount of fascinating moths you never knew visited your garden at night. Is your moth trap light on a timer? A blackcap feeding on the fallen apples, I would never have imagined that. Hope your back soon sorts itself out and you get strong enough for the forthcoming Autumn birds out there. Enjoy your fruit tea, nice pot!


  2. Glad to be home again. Was a little weary after hours of wandering around Birdfair. I will be great to be out as soon as Gillian feels ready. The Autumn passage has just started.

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