Going green!

Since the excitement of a first for the country things have been slow and my back has made the going even slower! Today the sun was shining and the time seemed right to go out and about and see if it is improving. I decided to stay local and return to hunt for Six spot burnet moths, mind you I will tell you straight away that we failed to find any. The morning was not wasted though and I thought I would introduce you to The Green Britain Centre. For many years it was known as the Ecotec centre and to be honest I still think of it by that name but I hope in writing this I may re focus myself and get the name right!IMG_8244

Ian dropped me there as he had an appointment nearby and I went hunting in the gardens. There are veggie gardens, flowers, wild areas and an heirloom orchard. Add to that the living willow structures which I am determined to learn how to make, (it is on the list for 2017) although on a smaller scale than they have!

I love wild flowers and would like to turn some of our lawn into a ‘wild flower meadow’ mind you a good friend recently pointed out that they do just look untidy most of the time. Maybe I will just enjoy them in other places and not have the work of making them look good all year round!

I was still on the look out for a burnet moth but there was no sign infact there weren’t a great many butterflies either. There were whites, a few red admirals, peacocks, meadow browns and I did see just one comma but as it was only my second this year I was pleased with that.

Of course towering over all of this is the wind turbine, it is the only one in the world that members of the public can climb. I haven’t and although I would enjoy the view I don’t think I will be trying it any time soon! Along side the turbine is a rather brilliant solar tracker, unlike normal solar panels (we have them on our roof at home and I love them!) the ones here move with the sun, pretty ingenious I think.IMG_8178

I am sitting here writting this on my laptop (plugged in) with an i pad and phone sitting beside me, both recently charged, the call on energy grows with each new gadget that comes out so we certainly need to find alternative methods of creating energy. It is good to see people putting in the effort and working on this on going issue.

They have bee hives at The Green Britain centre and there is certainly no shortage of bees busy working. I love the stash of pollen he has collected already!

If ever I visit I find a school party there but I was certain I wouldn’t today being school holidays.Well I was right but also wrong! Not a school party but a group of 72 children from Hong Kong with of course lots of adult supervisors. They were beautifully behaved and looked like they were enjoying every moment of it both outside and in. IMG_8243

Ian had returned and it seemed the right time for coffee in the cafe which I would like to recomend to you. It is a vegetarian cafe and where it can it uses produce from their garden, fruit, veg and herbs.The food is always lovely and very reasonably priced, this is a note to myself really to remind me to go more often!

The Einstein quote gives me an excuse, not to preach the mertits of vegetarianism but to tell you a funny story, well I thought it was funny. A few years ago we went on a cruise and one night we sat on a table with people we didn’t know, to eat our meal. There was a gentlemen seated next to me who was about 90 and I must stress seemed as bright as a button; all his converataion led me to view him as an inteligent man in poscession of all his faculties untill vegetarianism came up! Due to a menu malfunction it becme evident that I was a vegetarian and he wanted to know why. Well I hedged around the subject not wishing to be insensitive to others who were about to tuck into their meaty meals! Eventually as he pursued the point I said that I would rather animals didn’t have to die for me to eat them, now here comes the funny bit. “They don’t”  he insisted, “we just eat them when they die “! Well I didnt know how to react to that one and the thought of a chef sitting waiting for a cow to drop before they could start preparing the steak quite amussed me. He wouldn’t have it though and was amazed that I thought they killed animlas for meat, bless him, I suggested he just forget it for now and later when he was home ask someone he knew and trusted and see what they thought!

Back to today, there is a small shop there of mainly fair traid little gifts and things relating to green living. IMG_8242It is also home to The Garden Science Trust which helps people with special needs, to develop through gardening and science, the name tells it all really. It was good to chat to a couple of people that were hard at work there today, one lady busy weeding but she took the time to talk about her planned move and the obvious excitment that went along with it!!! Good to see one of the helpers there working hard too, fighting what I hope wasnt a losing battle with weeds, keep going Tom!

The time had come to, at least for today, give up the burnet hunt and head for home.IMG_8171

So with the sun still shining we were off and off course my mind was wondering what else we could do to be greener. We have soloar panels so the next step seemed to be a wind turbine but for now this is it!



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