Before we left home on this trip my back was aching, I assumed due to a little over zealous gardening one day! Sadly it is feeling worse and is slowing us down a bit although actually walking is one of the best things for it which is a positive, I am hoping it gets better just as quickly.

Yesterday we went Bassenthwait lake for a walk although the path was a little overgrown!

Next came a trip to Brougham Castle, it brought back memories of a previous visit with family. The bridge by the castle had a familiar, ‘Weak bridge sign’ but this one was a bit more forceful than usual. Once in the castle grounds, looking back to the bridge the problem became clearer, flood damage.

We enjoyed a look around the castle and grounds but this time we didn’t venture up the keep…too many stairs!


Mainly in pursuit of lunch we visited Brougham Hall and were greeted by this fine door knocker! There are several little craft shops there and even a pottery where we were lucky to see someone making a couple of mugs. We had lunch at Bettyann’s Tea Parlour, it was tasty food, reasonable prices and lovely service so all in all we were happy!

Close to where we are staying is an alpaca centre which we popped into, it was not over exciting but good to see the animals. Why do donkeys always look so sad? I had joked with my daughter that we were going to buy one but as we left I decided I would have rather had the donkey!

Today the weather has been much brighter, in fact the sun was out most of the morning which was a treat. We headed out for Sizergh Castle, a National trust property, as we had read it is an excellent place for butterflies including several different fritillary types!IMG_7648 Sizergh castle

Well we had a lovely time but sadly, although we saw hundreds of butterflies 99.99% of them were white! The other being one red admiral and two small tortoiseshells.

Bees were plentiful too…

and the gardens were lovely and I must confess I have come back with an idea or two.

I reckon we saw about a dozen people working in the gardens and from what they said it is never ending work.

So no interesting butterflies but we did get a common darter dragonfly and we had a good day there. We took the scenic route home taking us through Windermere, Ambleside, Grasmere and narrowly missed Keswick! Sadly there seems to be nowhere to pull over to capture photos and our attempt to stop in Windermere was thwarted by the fact that the entire population of Cumbria seemed to be on the streets there. So the only pictures I got were taken from a moving car!

Tomorrow we head across the border to Scotland so we will see what that brings us.

4 thoughts on “Castles

  1. Makes me want to follow you up there; all so beautiful. Enjoy Scotland when you can.
    Talking of steps, we went up Cromer church tower today. Lots of steps, a worthwhile view!

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