Still in pursuit!

We’re on the road again, heading up north on our way to Scotland to share in a service to say goodbye to Barbara, a good friend.

I had kept an eye on the weather forecast and thought it worth going to the Lake district for a few days so yesterday we set off. Stopping at Clumber Park NT for coffee on the way, not a bad green house they have there!

On we went after a rather slow coffee, bit more training needed for their staff I feel! Next stop was at Mainsgrill, a farm shop/café, that will be good for a quick lunch we thought…wrong! The queues were incredible, they clearly have a good reputation. We decided to buy something from their deli insteadand eat on the go, very tasty it was too.

After checking in at our hotel, Brantwood Hotel, we decided to go and explore our locality, just outside Penrith and on local advice we found a lovely walk.

We found a pub, The King’s Arms, just a couple of minutes stroll from our base and discovered a rather tasty five bean chilli, that was me sorted! In fact I noticed a veggie curry on the menu too so we may be back before we move on.

Today we went to the Rheged Centre knowing what we were going to do when there. We had been’ with family several years ago and all done pottery painting and I wanted to try to paint a plate to remind us of our year but bear in mind I am not blessed with artistic talent!!! We did have fun doing it and all things considered I am quite pleased with it. IMG_7456 plate

Now at the risk of this blog talking too much about food I must tell you that we had a delicious lunch there. The staff were brilliant, friendly, helpful and efficient and the food was gorgeous, puy lentil scotch egg with a lovely English salad. I am going to have a go at making them when I get home, mind you it might all end in tears! I do congratulate them and unlike our coffee stop on route they clearly have excellent training, well done Rheged centre.

The afternoon was spent at Acorn bank NT, where we enjoyed a lovely walk.

Although a lack of sun meant not as many butterflies as we had hoped for we did see a few and plenty of bees. This blackbird was totally undisturbed by our closeness.

We met a lovely Australian family there and spent some while chatting to them; we covered most topics and they added to a very nice day indeed!

So nothing new to add to our lists but we are still in pursuit…honestly!

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