Happy birthday to me!

Another birthday and I am thankful to be here to enjoy it, in good health. When I hear people moan about growing old it always makes me feel a bit cross as the alternative is to die young and I know which I vote for! So 65 has arrive is just fine with me, after all it does come as I am mid way through my free and easy year out!

We are intending to return to Scotland soon probably via the Lake District but are waiting to hear a date before we book anything. Therefore we hadn’t planned anything to celebrate, well to be quite honest we don’t usually go overboard on these occasions.

No exciting birds to go in search of but it was a beautiful morning so we decided to go for a walk in search of butterflies but not until we had checked the moth trap. I got some good birthday gifts in the trap today with a few life ticks! This large emerald is lovely as is the Lilac beauty which was new for the garden.

More treats include Satin moth which was only our second and new for this year and Engrailed which was another life tick and we nearly missed it as we found it later lurking on the shed wall!

It is many years since we last visited Castle acre priory and decided that today was the day to return, last time we went Andrew and Rachel were over from the States and came too, shame they couldn’t today!IMG_6810 Castle acre priory

We were so pleased that we went. it was a beautiful day for a walk and we found a few butterflies too! Our first find wasn’t a butterfly but a moth, a hummingbird hawkmoth, sadly this is the best of a very bad batch of pictures. They move so quickly that when I looked a the pictures I found many blurry, indistinguishable blob!IMG_6895 Hummingbird hawkmothHe was enjoying the lavender in the beautiful herb garden which was another bonus for me. I am just in the process of making a little herb garden at home so it was good to see what they had and chat to Jenny who was working hard in the garden. Yesterday I eventually caught up with my good friend Francesca and saw her beautiful herb garden. I came home not only inspired but hopeful that I might get a few cutting from her plants.

Back to the priory and our walk where enjoyed looking at the ruined building whilst looking out for wildlife.

We saw a Common darter dragonfly and our first large skipper butterfly along with plenty of ringlets, tortoiseshell and meadow browns.

My birthday was going well, do I look a year older?!!! The sun was still shining but we had somewhere else to be so off we went. IMG_6861 us

We popped home for a very quick lunch as we were soon heading out again to our village school. They have recently become part of an acadamy and today was the official launch, we wanted to be there to celebrate with them; it was a lovely occasion and we were pleased to have been there.

Back home as Janice and Chris were dropping in to bring birthdya greetings, they brought a rather nice plant too, thank you! We were just enjoying a cuppa when Peter arrived with the three children, birthday hugs… lovely.

More moths to see and new ones at a that,  Coronet and Small yellow wave.

Ian is busy in the kitchen cooking a nice meal to finish my birthday. Thank you for those that have sent greetings in any form, I am looking forward to seeing what the year ahead brings.

9 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me!

  1. A very enjoyable day. Lovely to get some new moths today. Looking forward to seeing more moths,butterflies and birds this year. Happy Birthday Gillian.

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  2. Gillian I do enjoy your blogs and continue to be amazed at your pictures. You are too hard on yourself, they are great and the hummingbird moth is a real action one! What a delightful birthday, a mixture of walking in nature’s beauty a celebration at school, family at home and rounded off by Ian preparing supper; what more could anyone want?! Half way through such a special year and so much achieved which I am sure has counter balanced any health problems that have arisen. You are really looking life in the eye and making the most of it. I hope the second half year brings more surprises and adventures, all of which I will be vicariously following with interest.


  3. First of all: Happy, healthy and fun birthday to you! I wish you all the best. Honestly, those moths are absolutely amazing! The large emerald and the lilac beauty are extraordinary. Thanks for sharing!

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      1. Yes, the colors are really stunning! Generally, I don’t like moths but these ones are really gorgeous. I’m really into butterflies and dragonflies. And did you get nice presents for your birthday?

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      2. I have only got into moths this past year but there are stunning ones that can rival butterflies, which of course I love too. Not too many presents, hard to know what to get the woman who has everything! Lol

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