Great knot

Our plan was to have a couple of ‘at home’ days getting ready for some visitors who are arriving tomorrow but then plans are made to be broken or so I hear!

News soon spread that Titchwell was the home, albeit temporarily to a mega rarity, Great knot only the fifth for the country and only the second for Norfolk. So this morning off we went feeling hopeful and I saw Titchwell as I have never seen it before.  It was very busy but at the same time looked empty!!! No queue for coffee (even we passed by) we walked down the path to the sea no one was birding along the way as usual but when we reached the beach we saw where everyone was.IMG_6101 notice

All telescopes and binoculars were pointing in the same direction, seaward. It took a while for the bird to be relocated but at last there he was but of course so very distant nearly on the shoreline. It was a life tick for us both and bird number 233 for the year. No possibility of a picture of any kind but if it hangs around we will try again. This is a few of the watchers, the line went on for some while, they were only outnumbered by the razor clam shells behind them!

When we got home a note through the door saying there were flowers in the summer house, what a lovely surprise. A gift from Roo and Stu, thank you both. How lovely, they will brighten the house up when we have visitors tomorrow!IMG_6103 flowers crop

The rest of the day has been spent doing a few chores (fewer than I should have done!) and visiting a friend Francesca who like all my friends and some family I have somewhat neglected this year…sorry!

I thought I would take the opportunity to catch up a bit on the moth situation, this year so far we have seen 96 different species. There is no reason for the photos I have chosen it is just to give you an insight into the moth world! The top set of picture show Ruby tiger and Lychnis , next pair are White ermine and Willow beauty and finally Lobster moth and Eyed hawkmoth.

Remember these are but six of the 95 we have had, the variety is amazing and be warned I will feature more another time!

So another good day and seeing Great knot brings my life ticks to 18 which I am very happy with.


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