Out of the mist

When I first peeped round the blind this morning there was a thick mist covering the loch and hiding almost everything. By the time I had, gone back for a snooze, got up and organised and downstairs it had cleared a lot but still a heavy mist. The two photos are taken just before we went out and just after we came back, quite a difference.

Any way once it had cleared sufficiently off we went, today Roo at the wheel, thank you. We were surprised to find the road to Tobermory better than anticipated there was even a white line done the centre at times and we found what maybe the only roundabout on the island!

We parked in the centre and conveniently close to a place we had earmarked to eat lunch as we knew it was dog friendly! IMG_5621 TobermoryTobermory is a quaint little town with lots of individual shops which gives it a great deal of it’s charm. A lady working in one of the shops said she had a customer recently who asked where all the shops like Asda, BHS etc where and when she told her they didn’t have them the customer insisted that she didn’t know how they survived withour them!!!

We were in and out of the little shops deciding which ones we were going to re-visit on the walk back. I was pleased with our few purchases although I did make one error. It is my youngest grandaughter’s birthday very soon after we get home and when I asked what she might like she replied Lego. We were in the Tobermory chocolate shop when I saw chocolate Lego so I thought I would get her some for fun. Sensibly as it had by then turned very hot again we bought it last thing but when we got back this was the result! Sorry Matilda it was a good thought that went wrong!IMG_5718 Lego

A very low mist remained hanging over the water, it looked very atmospheric. Some ventured to the end of the jetty for pictures, I hung back a little.

We had a yummy lunch and we were all pleased to be out of the sun, in the cool for a while. So farewell to Tobermory or should we call it Balamory?

Fortunately on the road back there were some parking places, unusual for Mull. We pulled over briefly to view what looked a bit like a boat graveyard!

Further on we stopped for a walk at Garmony another pretty spot! So far I haven’t found any where on Mull that isn’t beautiful!

Last stop before reaching home was not far from Craignure and agian was a beutiful spot.

We stomped around on the rocks although on the way back I was about to take a photo but took a stumble instead. Ian to the rescue! As I fell, reaching out for him he caught me and thankfully we didn’t both go over in a heap! Funnily I must have still taken a photo, this was the result, not one of my best maybe!IMG_5716 falling

Anyway no harm was done and it was worth it to see the lovely sights in store. We saw an Oystercatcher walking along with her chick nearby.IMG_5699 Oystercatcher & chick

Also a nest with two eggs, the parent soon arrived, a Common gull. Not long till they hatch as there was already a little hole. I was surprised how large the eggs seem to be for the size of the bird.


This flower was growing close by and thanks to Ian and his trusty i pad he has identified it as Common spotted orchid.IMG_5680 flower

Another lovely day and who know what we might see before bedtime, maybe the Hen harrier will fly by again, only time will tell.

4 thoughts on “Out of the mist

  1. How very poetic to stumble on Mull
    To fall in a heap and into a roll
    To lose you both would be quite a toll
    But a pretty end on the island of Mull

    Liked by 1 person

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