A slightly disappointing day

Loch Garten is such a famous RSPB site maybe my hopes were too high but the reality was, although we had a lovely day we didn’t do too well with birds.

We went to see the Osprey nest which is there for all to see with a tiny bit of a parent head peeking out! To be truthful seeing Osprey out and flying over a loch knocks seeing a nest far out of the ground.IMG_2508 osprey nest at Loch Garten

We were most hopeful that we’d be able to see some of the ‘Scottish birds’ Crested tits, Crossbills and even Capercallie but it turns out we had come at the wrong time of year. We heard the Crested tits and got a brief, unsatisfactory flight view so it goes on the list but we will try for much better views. No sign at all of Crossbills or Capers (we weren’t so confident about them) but have been told of a place where occasionally they are seen early in the morning. So, tomorrow our alarm will be going off as early as we feel acceptable when we go to bed tonight!

But I wouldn’t want anyone to think today wasn’t enjoyable because it was. We were at Loch Garten before it opened so enjoyed looking over the loch itself and were amused by this family of Golden eye.IMG_4380 Golden eye family

On our walk we got beautiful views of both Loch Garten and Loch Mallachie one moment we were walking in pine woods then it opened up again to reveal some of these views! The trees are beutiful and the lichen is beutiful too, some trees were covered from top to bottom and even som eof the ground was covered.

We did also see this very lively Spotted flycatcher.

Later in the day we went to a small, comunity project hide over looking Milton Loch  with Cairngorm in the background.IMG_2534 sign

It was quiet but a heron was showing well and the sound of birds from the trees was super.

So back to the hotel to get ready for our meal  and even the views from our room are good!

Fingers crossed that our early morning tomorrow will bring rewards 🙂

3 thoughts on “A slightly disappointing day

  1. Have to have an occasional day like that to show us readers that it’s not as easy as it looks? Beautiful scenery, better luck with the birds tomorrow.

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