A river dip!

I told you about our first walk by the river Ericht and the treat we found there but I didn’t tell you what it was! Well yesterday morning before our day out we went for an early walk in bright weather by the river and again we saw a Dipper, well to be honest we saw two! There were also Grey wagtails but they were so flighty that so far I don’t have many pictures. IMG_1951 Dipper

What lovely, entertaining birds they are, flying up and down the river, sitting bobbing and looking so smart. So I am just going to share some photos and later I will write about our day out. Having fun is very time consuming you know so I will have to wait till we get back later today before writing again so maybe I will combine two days out with our fried Delia.


This Dipper was frustratingly close but at the same time very tricky to photograph as I am fussy about not falling into rivers! So with tripod balanced I stayed on a firm footing!

We were fortunate enough to see a Dipper during our time in Devon but there superb views have been a real bonus. I must say the River Ericht did look as though it would be home to Dippers and Wagtails as soon as we set eyes on it. Having sat on this rock for some while she had a good stretch and look around before disappearing up river again, don’t you think her wings look too small for her? Do you think this is a young one? We wondered as it as a rather speckly breast.

We had to leave our river walk as Delia was coming to collect us for our smashing day out. Here are just a few Grey wagtail shots till I can do better, opportunity willing!


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