Just one bird…but that’s enough for me!

We knew that a bird I really wanted to see, it would be a life tick for us both was at Winterton, therefore within striking distance. Yesterday we were committed to helping at a school fete which was a pleasure to do, but at the same time I was hoping the bird would not fly. That brings us to today, Sunday, to skip church or not that was the question. We have missed so many services lately and really did want to go today, so we did and were pleased we had.

I realise I haven’t told you what the bird is yet but I thought the suspense would be good for you! It is a striking bird and unlike any bird I have seen in this country, it is a European Bee-eater….please dont fly off!

Straight after church we were off, no time to waste and thankfully we didnt have any problem locating the site. We parked and walked just into the dunes where we saw a small group of people wielding cameras but no bird. They said it was the best place to get  good photos bbut only a very short bit of wire could be seen and they nnot seen it for some long time we decided to join the larger group who had a wider view. It was there, almost hidden in the green leafy background.IMG_1590 Bee-eater

What a stunning bird, every bit as beautiful as I had anticipated it would be. I am sure most people have occasionaly been disappointed when something they have long looked forward to happens but thankfully not today. Have you ever seen such a fancy shaped tail? He stayed up on the wire for a long while, turning this way and that and then with great accuracy he would fly off to catch an insect.

He brought them back to the wire, often beating the insect on the wire to finish it off., you could hear him from the ground. It was a joy to watch and we stood doing just that for a long while.



It would seem his Mother didn’t teach him not to play with his food!

IMG_1659 Bee-eater


I was determined to try to get him in flight although he was incredibly fast! Some birds give a little clue when they are about to fly but we couldn’t spot any such thing with him. I was pleased that I had taken my larger camera with me today as at least I knew I at least stood a chance of catching some sort of flight action.


What a brilliant bird and I didn’t realise until I got home and went to add it to my list that he was a special bird for another reason too, he was number 300 on my all time life list. Number 213 for the year and my 14th life tick of the year, excellent, all this and it is still only May!

We had a lovely walk through the dunes and on Winterton beach. No more birds for us but to be honest I was one bit bothered I had seen the one I came for and loved it! We did add a butterfly for the year, a Small copper

An excellent day beginning with a very encouraging service and following up with my 300th bird (life list of course!). What else does the week hold I wonder?


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