Ticks 4, photographic evidence 0!

We have had a busy couple of days, yesterday we walked in the sunshine , today we got blown along! For a change we decided to head for Morston, the harbour where the boats go for the seal trips and we came close to abandoning our walk and take that option! Watching boats go in and out makes we wonder if I would rather like to have a little boat to go frolicking in, just a little one. I saw all these lovely little boats then I spotted the one I though I could afford!!!

We had a lovely morning, trecking finding our way through the gorse and mud avoiding the streams. We saw Artic terns flying by but none would land to be photographed…shy I guess. One of the many things I love about being out and about is seeing people enjoying the surroundings in their own way. As someone with not an artistic bone in her body, I love to see artists at work. Was he any good or not I have no idea but the pleasure he obviously had in being creative was a joy to see.IMG_2935Although we didn’t see anything I think we got dangerously close to nesting sites when birds took to the air creating a racket so we moved away and left them to it. We were amused to see this redshank sitting atop a gorse bush, he stayed there taking the sun for some time.IMG_2932 redshank

We moved on to Kelling Quags as we got a report of two grey-headed wagtails. Now if we had better knowledge of the site we might have saved ourselves considerable walking but we had some confusion of exactly which bit is called the Quags and it turns out not to be the same as the water meadows, well we will know next time. We walked up, down and round about but eventually found where we should have been looking all along and saw them. Once again the dreaded word distant looms! They were among some cows in long grass but now and then they made an appearance so at least we could add them to our number.

On  our way back to the car we saw a couple of butterflies including a Red admiral.

and this Whitethroat singing beautifully, I wish you could hear him!

By the time we reached the car I was roasting, the day had turned out beautifully! We were not heading home as we were off to see Janice and Chirs and stop the night. We had a lovely time with a delicious tea thrown in, thank you both!

We had thought we would head to the coast again this morning but news of Broad-billed sandpiper as Frampton marshes in Lincolnshire called to us! My goodness what a difference 24 hours can make to the weather, no danger of sunburn today but at least it was still dry. So with extra layers on we were off in search of the sandpiper and were pleased to hear it was still on site. We soon found a group of birders looking out for it, of course it had been seen moments ago but was now out of sight. There were loads of waders but all of them so flighty, they hardly had time to land before they took to the air again.We did see a lovely Little stint (pictured below) and later a Curlew sandpiper, not what we had gone for but still a tick.IMG_2999 little stint

At last someone spotted the broad-billed but oh my goodness he was a long way away. We saw him again later closer but still distant and again after only a brief look he was gone, but it was a life tick!

Time to walk on and we decided to go along the sea wall, a good length walk and inspite of the wind a pleasant walk until that is I saw these girls!!!IMG_3041

I am happy to look at cows but walking through them is something I avoid but today they suddenly came up the bank and blocked our path. There was no other way through so I had no choice but being the coward I am I did enlist help. Ian has no fear of them and as I saw another chap walking along I waited then asked if he minded me walking between them, I know what a wuss!!! He was happy to help though although he did suggest he and Ian might disappear at the crucial moment!

Nearly back to the car when I saw this little Sedge warbler, I thought he was lovely and also he illustrates the windy day, even he was having ‘hair’ problems!

We headed for home happy to have quite a short day out today with our bird total standing at 212 which beats my best year total already!!!


2 thoughts on “Ticks 4, photographic evidence 0!

  1. Personally I still think you were brave passing those very alert cows!🎊
    Love the mixture you bring to us, birds, moths and mammals, changing weather and locations, people you meet and now dangerous animals.

    You may not be expressive like the artists you come across, but you certainly are beautifully creative.

    Liked by 1 person

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