Birds and bugs…pretty ones at that!


It was another bright sunny day and off we went coastward to Titchwell after first looking at the moth trap. Not a lot there but we did have one that we had last summer but it was the first for 2016, a White ermine, another really pretty one I reckon.

We did make one small detour on the way and that was to see the Dotterels again in the hope they might be near enough to photograph. Well they were a lot nearer but in some corn stubble so again photographs were not an option. Over the weekend there has been a lot of bird movement but it seems most of them didn’t stay in any one place for long! We knew a couple of Stints had been at Titchwell but were uncertain that they would be waiting for us!

We were in luck, first a Little stint then a Temminck’s Stint, excellent two more for the year. They were once again distant and behind a wire fence erected to try to protect the nesting Avocets. We walked on up to the sea which apart form gulls and a few Oystercatchers there was very little about. We had just missed seeing a Peregrine falcon taking an Oystercatcher away in its claws being pursued by some large gulls!IMG_2756

I knew the marshes at Titchwell were tidal but I have never seen the change quite so clearly, one picture is as we passed by on our way to the sea, the other probably only about half an hour later!

A brief coffee stop and then off for a walk around the fen trail where we were serenaded by two Willow warblers. It took some while before I saw one and managed just one snap before it vanished into the tree again. We also saw these two Damselflies , Azure Damselfly and Large Red Damselfly. (thanks to James for the ID help)

We also saw Holly blue butterflies but they move to fast to picture. It really did turn into a scorching hot day and I think this Wood pigeon was feeling the effect, he struggled to stay awake, but failed!

We went for a late lunch at Brancaster staithe which didn’t have many birds but those that were there are looking smart. Take this Turnstone now in his breeding plumage.

It was time to head for home having had a really good day, I wonder what tomorrow will bring, but that’s half the fun!

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