Quiet days

Due to afternoon commitments we only had a brief time to be out and about yesterday so we decided to go for a walk fairly locally. I don’t know if it was due to the unexpected heat of the sun or general lethargy but there was a dearth of birds out and about! We did see this rather nice Mistle thrush and a family of Canada geese.

Today as we drove up to the coast I was expecting a lovely walk in the sunshine but as we neared the coast the temperature dropped six degrees and a grey mist appeared! We decided to head for Salthouse and see what birds were lurking there, the early answer was…not a lot! One Wheatear and a Meadow pipit  along with Stonechats which seem almost guaranteed at Salthouse

We went from Little eye to Gramborough Hill and as we walked up the hill the number of birds changed dramatically as lots of Sand martins flew overhead. The number picked up as they flew back and forth and we realised they were going into the bank beneath us so I went down onto the beach to get a better view. They were lovely to watch but the speed they move means my photos are of a less than perfect quality!!!

There are numerous holes in the sand bank but still they felt the need to squabble over them! I am hoping to return to the site and see how they get on with their nesting.

We called a halt to our birding day and went for a cuppa at Janice and Chris’ before returning home to do some much neglected chores!


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