Even sunnier Lincolnshire!

As we needed to call into the hospital again this morning to return the heart monitor it seemed to make sense to carry on up and visit Frampton Marshes in Lincolnshire where a Black-winged stilt had been reported yesterday. We hadn’t been there long at all before we say the bird, of course it was distant I hardly need to tell you that! In fact I reckon when I look back on this blog at the end of the year distant is going to be one of the most frequently used words, but hey it is better than disappeared!!!

We walked around the site beginning with a walk through a wooded section and between trees and shrubs we caught a closer look at the Stilt and even managed just a few shots.

As some of you will remember a Black-winged stilt flew into Titchwell and stayed about nine years, I wonder how long this one will stay at Frampton. On our walk we saw several Speckled wood butterflies and the occasional Peacock too.

The day was like a summer day and the birds seemed to be enjoying it as much as we were if their song was anything to go by. This Sedge warbler sat atop a tree singing for ages only stopping to move to another perch!

We saw several Whimbrel running around in the grass and today I got the first shot of a Swallow for the year as it was the first one that had stayed still long enough!

We met a really nice couple yesterday, (well it was due to the miniature schnauzer with them really) Chris and Helen and today we met them again as they are going for their best year I suspect our paths will cross again!

We got two more year ticks as well as the Stilt, we saw a Turtle dove and a Lesser whitethroat which as things stand bring us to 206 but we may be reconsidering a couple that we have included, we will see. May is getting off to a good start, I wonder what will be next!



4 thoughts on “Even sunnier Lincolnshire!

  1. Sure was a beautiful sunny day wasn’t it!
    The stilt looks so graceful and your pictures are really letting us into your days onderfully.
    How great to be meeting new people with a shared interest too, I am sure Norfolk will have a lot to offer today’s couple; are they from Lincolnshire?

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