Back in sunny Norfolk

Having got home on Saturday we spent the weekend with family visiting which was lovely, On Sunday we were in Kings Lynn cheering Roo and Stu on as they ran 10k, (I was happy to be cheering and dog sitting whilst they ran) they both did really well and I am proud of them both!IMG_2303 R & S

Yesterday was a day of getting to grips with some chores, luxuries like doing the washing and as April had ended I needed to sort out the photos from the month that I wanted to order prints of. Today, after a trip to hospital (Ian has a 24 hour heart monitor) we headed to Titchwell via Chosely where Dotterels have returned for their annual visit. We have a good place to park and look and we were in luck, of course they were a long way off, brown bird running around on brown earth so no pictures I’m afraid. That does make Dotterel bird 201.

It was a beautiful day and Titchwell was understandably busy a good chance to meet with other birders. We added bird 202 in the form of a Garganey a handsome duck but of course it was distant; he swam along then settled down for a good sleep!

It was a smashing day for a walk and Titchwell didn’t let us down, Brent geese were abundant on the marsh and in the air, Gadwall and a couple of lovely Little ringed plovers.

We had, rather foolishly, forgotten to take anything to eat out with us so we ate courtesy of the Titchwell café! After that we moved on to Sculthorpe Moor, and spent a little while in one of the hides watching the small birds and the birds of prey flying overhead. There was a pair of Bullfinches, some Reed buntings and the usual ‘garden birds’.

Overhead we saw a Marsh harrier, Buzzard, Kestrals and bird 203 a Hobby, considering it was a brief visit I reckon we did ok!

Now May has arrived the moths are getting a bit more interesting and I feature just two recent catches, a Muslin moth and a Swallow prominent. After getting home today I had a walk around the garden looking for insects and this tiny section of garden struck me as rather pretty, just a shame it is mainly weeds!!!

Tomorrow we make another trip to hospital so are panning to go birding straight form Kings Lynn again and fingers crossed I have my eye on something special, if it stays put!

4 thoughts on “Back in sunny Norfolk

  1. I am missing our Devon days and walks and my Fitbit is extremely unhappy with me.
    It was such a beautiful day today and Titchwell sounds a very successful visit for you.
    I do hope that Ian’s heart monitor records a pleasant rhythm and all is well; keep us informed.

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