200 and we’re back home!

Yesterday we spent our last night of our South/west country trip away and it seemed we wouldn’t reach the 200 I had hoped for. We have had an excellent time having Janice and Chris join us for the last week has been good fun and compensated for the fact that we haven’t got together so much this year due to our gallivanting!

Suitcases packed, final cup of tea drunk, route home planned when the pager beeped and I tentatively suggested to Ian that we might make a detour! Not sure he was thrilled at first but it was to see a Hoopoe, possibly the very same bird we had rushed to Dawlish for last Sunday but it was gone. Of course he was as keen as I was to get the 200th bird and what a cracker it would be if we could get a Hoopoe. Off we went and when we found the place we jumped out the car, saw it for a minute or two then off he flew! Into the trees and out of sight, it quite possibly reappeared later but we didn’t have time to waste so we left, satisfied with seeing and getting a few pictures. IMG_2222 HoopoeHoopoes really are quite an individual style of bird, can’t easily mistake it for anything else, this is the third one I have seen the last one being several years ago. It is true to say we were both delighted not only with reaching our 200 but that we reached it with such a bird!

I promised Ian not to look at the pager till we got home!!! The journey went smoothly apart form a very slow drive on the M 25 but that wasn’t any surprise. We are home now and I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight.

We had some moths waiting for us as Peter had mothed for us while we were away, these are some of the new ones.

This weekend we are catching up with family and hopefully next week we will be chasing around Norfolk again pursuing wings…and other things!

Our bird total (as I may have mentioned) stands at 200

Moths total 25 and they are set to take off as the weather warms up now.


5 thoughts on “200 and we’re back home!

  1. We had a great week with you and are only sorry we weren’t by your side for the grand finale of the two hundredth bird; what a smasher it was too.

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