The Mysterious disappearance of the two hundredth bird!

Today was to be the day we got our 200th bird but (at the time of writing) it didn’t turn out to be, who stole our birds?!!!

Well of course no-one really did but as we spent a portion of our day at Agatha Christie’s home, Greenway, I thought I would make a mystery of it! The house was bought as a holiday house and is a lovely home in a setting to die for! The drawing-room pictured below was lovely and the curved doors in the main dining room were my favourite feature. I have suggested to Ian that when we get home he should start steaming wood and give it a go but I sense a lack of enthusiasm for the project!

The gardens were looking good and I suspect she may have had a gardener or two to help when she lived there. The views over the river Dart are stunning and to be able to arrive at your property by ferry sounds like fun. It is now a National Trust property and a quite delightful one at that as it felt like a proper home unlike some of the large, stately homes!

We crossed Kingswear to Dartmouth by ferry, like the last ferry we went on it was a very short ride but saved many miles driving.

We drove on to Slapton Ley a nature reserve where surely we would pick up number 200, there were a few possibilities, but no such luck. We had an enjoyable walk, seeing Blackcaps, Chiffchaffs and other birds already counted in our 199 but not the elusive 200th so it would seem we will be going home without reaching 200, maybe we will make a brief detour on the way back (I hope Ian doesn’t read that bit!).

Back for our last night at our holiday home which has been very comfortable, out for a meal soon and then I suppose I had better start packing again. We have had a brilliant time away but it will be good to be home again, to sleep in our own bed and curl up in our own lounge!

I leave the day with one bird that never fails to please, so especially for my little Alice, a Robin. What and when the 200th will be remains to be seen, let’s hope it a good one.

One thought on “The Mysterious disappearance of the two hundredth bird!

  1. Sorry the count was just a tad short, but it’s exciting to be kept waiting to see who will be the two hundredth bird. It’s been great sharing the last week with you in Devon and I look forward to continuing with the virtual journey. Enjoy returning home and catching your breath before your next hop, skip and jump.

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