A short tribute to Richard

Today has been a day without thought of birds, moths or any other winged creature. It has been a day to remember a wonderful man; to celebration his life, Richard our friend and for many years neighbour. He was 70ish and we knew him for over thirty of those years.

June , July 2010. 141


Richard lived just a couple of doors along our road with his lovely wife, Dilys and two gorgeous children Tim and Georgie and our two families soon became great friends. We have so many memories and they will remain with us always. We all went to the same church St George’s in Hemel Hempstead, where today we celebrated his life along with lots of his family and friends. Sadly Dilys died some years ago now and Richard had been battling cancer for many years. His positive attitude and strong Christian faith shone through him right up to the end, that along with the amazing support Tim and Georgie have given him.image

After we moved to Norfolk Richard often visited us there with Dilys and later with Tim and we loved every moment of those visits. I have so many lovely photos of those times but they are on a hard drive at home not with me in Deon so I have just included a few that I did have here.

We have shared family celebrations together for so many years and things won’t be the same without him but thankfully Tim and Georgie and her lovely family will, I am certain remain part of our lives always. Pictures below show Richard with Georgie and Tim another Richard with our son Peter and the other one show Richard with Dilys at our daughter Ruth’s wedding.

So today we left our holiday home in Devon and went up to Hertfordshire where we celebrated Richard, not a perfect man but a flipping good one! He was kind, supportive,encouraging, fun and not afraid to seek help when he needed it. He was also a man that could tuck away a couple of extra portions of pudding and still remain slim but I will forgive him for that!

To all that organised today I thank and congratulate, (I know Richard planned a lot of it himself) to Jane who led the services, to folk at St George’s and most of all to Tim and Georgie.

My life is richer for having known Richard and I hope one day to meet him in heaven.

We are back in Devon now after some valiant driving by Ian, thank you (X) and tomorrow we will be back to pursuing wing and other things!


One thought on “A short tribute to Richard

  1. Richard was certainly an example tothosewho knew him and will be much missed. His send off today reflected his personality and his wishes were carried out with love. The full church was a testimony to the affection in which Richard was held and I am glad to have shared in the day.

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