A happy reunion

We bid farewell to our lovely B & B and Roger are host and headed off towards Devon for the last stage of our trip. Once again the sun was shinning as we drove to Dawlish warren were we hoped to pick up a bird or two. We had a lovely walk there and saw a group of about 14 Whimbrel they were one bird we hoped might be there! We also saw our first Whitethroat of the year, sadly no photo of that but I am sure I will get one another day as they are an obliging bird that likes to sit at the top of a bush and sing it’s heart out.

There and of course there were the usual gulls and occasional goose, including Canada goose.

I can’t see one of them without remembering an incident I had in America some years ago, now this is 100% true. I was there with family and we went into a large, out of town home type store and I was finished before the others. I had noticed a body of water across the road so decided to go and see if there were any birds on it. Well I wish I hadn’t as unbeknown to me a pair of Canada geese must have had their nest close to the edge and I must have gone closer to it than they liked. The first I knew was when one flew out at me and began pecking me very firmly on my head…wait it gets worse! It’s mate decided to join in the fun and the two of them were on my head attacking me with their beaks. I was swinging my bag round at them to try to dislodge them but it took some while. I have often thought of the people driving past that must have laughed their heads off!!!

Hey ho back to Dawlish warren and although is still a bit early for many butterflies but we did a nice Green-veined white. The bird we saw most of was Linnets, flying all over, perching up and singing beautifully and not needing to be kept on a lead!

We moved on to Bishopsteington and our home for the week, we were not disappointed as it is spacious and has lovely views. It also had a couple of baby Dunnocks sitting on our fence!

For our week here we have been joined by Janice and Chris so anything could happen! But day one has gone splendidly. A message came saying there was a Hoopoe on the bowling green at Dawlish, not far away so off we went, the only problem was when we arrived they were playing bowls and unsurprisingly the bird had flown! We had a walk and saw a very busy vintage car rally, not what we had gone for but it was interesting to see and made a change.

Ian and I spent our honeymoon in Dawlish so it is always good to revisit even though the hotel we stayed in is long gone and replaced by apartments!

This is the bowling green when we were on our way back to the car, no game in progress now but of course the hoopoe had not returned. There were some Muscovy ducks on the water and although not everyone counts them as they have been living happily in the wild since before I was a little girls that is good enough form me.

Ian has but one sister and she lives, with her family in Cornwall and we had not seen any of them for years but that all changed today. They were all, with dog, crossing the Cornish/Devon border and meeting us for lunch at the Dartbridge Inn at Buckfastleigh. It was brilliant to see her along with her husband, two daughters, son-in-law and grandson Charlie who considering we hadn’t seen most of them for about ten years, had grown somewhat!

We enjoyed a lovely meal (thank you very much) and a good catch up and I really hope we don’t leave it so long until we meet again, in fact I am optimistic we might even have the chance to entertain some of them in Norfolk one day!

After taking a few photos we said good bye and made a brief visit to near by Buckfast Abbey a place I remember us visiting on our honeymoon nearly 46 years ago, hadn’t changed much! We also walked around their gardens where we saw an Orange tip butterfly and also what I am pretty sure are Common newts (please correct me if you know differently), what a lovely day.

Back to our holiday home and tea is calling me and then I think we will settle down to a good film and maybe try to plan tomorrows antics!

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