As forecast

Today I really hoped the weather forecast would be wrong but no they had it spot on, rain followed by more rain! We were tempted to lock the doors and stay in with the kettle and DVD player but we soon changed our minds. Some while ago whilst at Minsmere we met a young lady, who works at Radipole lake and said it was well worth a visit when we were nearby, so we thought we would find out for ourselves. We were greeted by a couple of ducks who are clearly used to visitors!IMG_1587

 It rained the whole time we were there so we didn’t see a great deal but we did see a Hooded merganser! It has been there for many years and there is a deal of controversy about how it got there one of the first people to report it said they saw it come in over the sea. Some say it can count others say no but for the purpose of our list this year we are claiming it!!!

We had expected our walk to be lakeside all the way but in fact for most of the time we couldn’t see the water, when we could it was alive with Swallows skimming the water. I was also surprised not to find hides but we did come upon this little shelter delightfully decorated and also our first bluebells of the year.

As well as being wet it was quite a breezy day so to be honest I hardly even kept an eye open for Bearded tits so I was very surprised when near the little visitors centre this fella was busy at the top of the reeds!

When we left we went to find some lunch and whilst waiting for our food I heard that a Great northern diver had been reported in Portland harbour, seen from the sailing club. After lunch we drove back to our accommodation, left the car there and thought we could walk there, big mistake! We walked through the rain up hill to find we could get through where we hoped so we changed our route and kept climbing. Again we hit a fence and we were forced to turn round and admit defeat, we could see what we assumed to be the sailing club at the opposite side of the bay.  We walked back to got the car and drive there instead. This is our holiday home from the coastal path and I also include a picture of a little snail we saw along the way!

We found the sailing club which was in full flow with some very little children having their first lessons, they were clearly having a good time. With permission we went through to look for a bird and they were very accommodating.IMG_1596

We searched the sea, a massive area but sadly we couldn’t find it.  Whether it was still there or not I don’t know but we certainly couldn’t see it, so sadly we had to admit defeat and head home. Well a day that began with us thinking we might stay home actually turned out to be quite full and although very wet it was fun! Tomorrow we leave our very comfortable place and if anyone want to stay near Weymouth harbour we can recommend staying here.

Birds 191

Devon here we come!



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