Meet Bill

Meet Bill, Portland Bill that is. It is a narrow strip of land reaching out into the sea and this lighthouse helps protect the shipping.


Today we visited Portland Bill for the first time and I loved it, just my sort of place to stomp around! A few days ago they had lots of amazing birds through but today was a much quieter day with no rarities. Still we had a brilliant day and saw some good birds, some repeats some new for the year. A Raven flew right over our heads making its unique call as it went, what a bill they have! Also a couple of Linnets were flitting around the rocks.

 The area was all new to us, so much to explore but first we settled to some sea watching and we got a few year ticks. Firsts for the year were, Kittiwake, Gannet, Razorbill, Guillemot and a Manx shearwater all out to sea, so five year ticks we were happy with that! I loved the rugged coastline, I don’t think I would ever tire of it!

As we walked lots of Swallows were flying in off the sea, none stayed still long enough for me to get a picture though. Rock pipits were in plentiful and they were obviously starting to nest.

We were keen to walk to the observatory were they net birds and also moth trap, so walked along the coast and it was in fact when we were nearly there that the Raven flew over us. It had been a very poor night for moths, too cold and windy, they had nothing of interest at all. Also it had been a slow day for birds but that was not unexpected and at least it meant we hadn’t missed anything whilst we were there! We had a look around and are considering going back there in the autumn and possibly staying there for a few nights.IMG_1518

There are areas that are obviously dangerous to walk along and believe me we didn’t need telling twice!IMG_1436

Not surprisingly there were plenty of gulls there, Herring and Greater black-backed ones. As the day went on more seemed to be taking advantage of the rocks to rest on, as did the Cormorants.

Much to our delight we saw a grey seal out in the sea, we thought it was a tick as we were thinking it was a common seal we saw In January at Blakeney but will have to check that.  I can honestly say we had a brilliant day and I think you can see I am sporting a crazier hairstyle as our trip away goes!!!

IMG_1527 us


Birds now up to 190 I feel 200 is in our grasp before this trip is over…if our luck holds!


3 thoughts on “Meet Bill

  1. It looks lovely and rugged there, really beautiful. Glad you included a selfie, we do need occasional prof that you are actually there and not blogging from some cosy corner of home. See you tomorrow, oh I have forgotten my binoculars, better go and get them!😳😳😳

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