Great bustards!

I had to make sure that title didn’t automatically get changed to a similar word that I believe is in more frequent use!

Today has been a good day for more than one reason, the first we checked out of our less than glamorous B & B, phew we breathed a sigh of relief at that. Next we went to the pre arranged meeting place to be collected and taken to a place most likely to see Great bustards, it was the car park of a village hall which I think would be the envy of many! We had expected to be part of a group but we were the only ones going out there today which was rather nice. Now one thing I like in a bird is that I know when I have seen one, no uncertainty and the Great bustard fits that bill. Our guide had popped out early to see if he could see any and we were told our luck was in, not only were there five males there but just this morning eleven females had arrived!

Sadly I have become a very nervous passenger and I can tell you the ride out was a test for me! We drove through Ministry of defence land where they practice live firing, we were deep into that area but they knew we were there so that didn’t worry me. The worrying part was that he never had more than one hand on the wheel and several times none as we drove off road up hills, hey ho we arrived safe and sound.

I quickly saw the males, well they are big enough even at a distance, but the females were much harder to spot. it was amazing how well they can hide themselves given that they are Britain’s largestĀ bird!

At one point it looked as though the males may be about to ‘check out the ladies’ but they stopped short and after a while they all settled down apparently for a doze. It was an experience and we were both pleased to have gone, we also realised we were lucky to see so many, so well. He told us that it happens that people travel a long way and they cant find any bustards but that is birds for you!

Nearer the birds was a little hut and there was a team in there from Springwatch filming so we will be looking out for that, I think their pictures may be a tad better quality than mine! We also had a bonus of a pair of Stone curlews nesting in the same area

.When we had returned to our car we headed off to our next destination, another B & B this time at Weymouth harbour. I was slightly apprehensive after our last experience but thankfully it could not be more different. We have a very large, delightfully furnished room and a terrace where we enjoyed lunch which our host provided for us!

The garden is lovely too and our view is straight out to sea, no complaints here, thank goodness! We went out for a walk locally and are venturing out again very soon to try to find somewhere to eat!

Tomorrow we intend to go to Portland Bill and hope to pick up some ticks to add to our 185

4 thoughts on “Great bustards!

  1. Gosh, though great bustards are something. More than your average British bird?
    You are really treading the wilds, up hill and down on ministry defence area, that could go into my creative writing!
    Enjoy your much improved accommodation!

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