What a smile!

If truth be told we are not very enamoured with our accommodation at the moment (we are moving on in the morning so no great problem) so we decided to go for another walk last evening and we were so pleased we did. We are on the route of the Avon valley path so we walked a little of it and enjoyed the evening light on the surrounding countryside. One of the first thing we saw was a buzzard perched up on a pylon, it was still there we when returned!

I am,  to say the least not very brave when it comes to encounters with four-legged creatures, but I found it easy to deal with these little sweeties!


Now any bravery I do have disappears if I have to walk through a field of horses  but fortunately this fella was behind a fence. First Ian said hello to him then…




he said hello back, well either that or he was laughing at us, either way that is quite a smile don’t you think?

IMG_1184 he, he, he

Today we returned to Blashford Lakes and had a lovely day, this little Robin was helping to navigate us as we walked around most of the site and got an illusive Little gull which had been seen the last few days but not by us! We saw the fallow deer again but better views today. Blackcap were all in good voice, sitting up singing proudly.

Yesterday we were just looking at a Common sandpiper when the Red-rumped swallow showed and we were totally distracted so it was good to see it well today.

Talking about the swallow I forgot to tell you a funny story about it yesterday, when we were watching it a chap, obviously local and known to the other birders, came in to see it. He told us he had been in a local café with his wife having a cup of coffee when he had popped to the loo and his pager beeped. The message about the swallow caused him to rush out of the café unbeknown to his wife!!! As far as she knew he was still in the loo, she did phone him after a while causing laughter all around.

We are back in our rather basic room now but are checking out early in the morning as we are off in pursuit of a bird that will definitely be a life tick for us both,…watch this space!


Little gull takes us to 184

Plus we added a butterfly, a Speckled wood

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