Family, friends and farewells


We left Norfolk in torrential rain and it continued like that until we reached Essex when the rain eased and by the time we reached London we were roasting as the sun was streaming through the car windows! Unfortunatly we had spoken too early about how easy the journey was as the North Circular became busier and busier and we were so near our first stop, The London Wetland Centre. This statue of Peter Scott greeted us on our first visit to the oasis in the midst of the bustle of London.



If you have been travelling along with us this year it won’t surprise you to hear that coffee was the first stop then off to see what this WWT site had to offer. The first thing we saw was this rather unusual duck, I have a feeling it isn’t on the British list though so I had better not count it! A Little grebe was there, then in a flash or should I say splash, it was gone.

I was slightly amused by this sign in a hide and wondered if the pilots that fly overhead knew the rule.

We saw more Herons there than we have seen in Norfolk for weeks! At one point we were watching three around one piece of water and I was intrigued by the structure behind one of them. On investigation we discovered it to be a bat house! We also saw, at a distance, a Kingfisher and we hear that they are beginning to nest there.

The bird we were most pleased to see was the Ring-necked parakeet, one flew over us as were looking for warblers (we were pretty sure we heard a Willow warbler but haven’t counted it yet!) an excellent tick for the year. We later saw two sat in a tree, sadly partly obscured but never mind, we saw them!

I got my first butterfly picture of the year, a Peacock and also a spotless ladybird which I have never seen before. But no time linger it was to journey on to Surrey to spend a couple of nights with my brother Brian and his wife Margaret.

The journey was a pleasure after the North circular experience and we were soon being welcomed to their lovely home. It was great to catch up today we have been out and about having a smashing time. The day has included a trip around a pottery, a visit to my great niece Cariad, where I met her second son for the first time! Now Dylan has a brother Jesse and they seem to be every bit as gorgeous as each other!

We went to The devil’s punchbowl for lunch and a lovely walk, it really is a smashing place and amazing to think that until fairly recently the A3 ran through it! We had a very enjoyable walk with some birds thrown in for good measure.

We were a tad puzzled by this sign, were we not supposed to chat as we walked? At least the rabbits were quiet.

Back home and after an early meal we were out again this time in search of the place where many Parakeets roost, we saw lots but never quite connected with the tree they landed in. None the less it was a sight to see them fly over and we had an added bonus of seeing a fox which was a mammal tick for our year. Since moving to Norfolk they are a rare sight unlike whe  we lived in a town.

We have had a lovely stay, feeling very welcomed and enjoyed seeing samples of both of their art work, but tomorrow we must say farewell.

That does lead me to the one very sad part of our day, the news that a VERY dear friend has died. He has been unwell for a very long time and thankfully we saw him just a short while ago. He has lived a fantastic life, been loved by friends and family and was prepared for this day, God bless you Richard we will miss you.









2 thoughts on “Family, friends and farewells

  1. Glad the weather improved for you, we had a similar experience today when we went for a walk. Ticks for birds and mammals, plus getting to meet Jesse and your/his/our family; fortunate indeed. I join you in sadness at the loss of Richard as he was a genuinely lovely. Continue on in your travels, I am waiting with baited breath to see what awaits you next.

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