Short and sweet

Short and sweet sums up our trip today, this blog and on a good day, me!

Sunday means church whenever feasible, today was no exception so we didn’t go out till nearly lunch time. We decided to pop to Titchwell R S P B reserve and see if there was anything new since our last visit.

A pair of Red-crested pochard were enjoying an almost empty lake outside Fen hide.

We walked around the Fen trail and we’re delighted to see several Blackcaps, flitting in and out of the trees behind the dragonfly pool.

We had seen one at Santon Downham but it was good to see them much clearer it was just a shame that they didn’t come closer! The Blackcaps were soon out shone by news of a Redstart and it wasn’t long before I got a brief view. High in a tree which was of course standing among many other trees so very tricky to point out, anyway it was gone in an instant! It soon returned and we both saw him, flying up from the tree and down again, each time into the back of the tree!

I have seen Redstarts before but I am not sure I have ever seen one in his beautiful summer plumage, it was stunning. I only wish I could have got better pictures of him but we felt extremely fortunate to see him and we were glad we had gone to Titchwell!

The red light on my camera was flashing warning me to change the battery, no problem I have two spares although I had mis-placed one the other day. Still no problem I had the other one in my pocket so I changed it and switched back on only to see the red light flashing again! Aggghhh how annoyed was I? Answer, VERY! The first thing I do when I get in each time is recharge any batteries that need it so I have no idea what had gone wrong this time.

While we were watching the Blackcaps a little bird flew through the reed and called, Sedge warbler, bird 174

When we got home today the lost battery was found, in the back of the car and now is recharged, the second charging as I type, I won’t make that mistake again!

We saw several butterflies out today, no new ones but deffinately a good sign of Spring.

Redstart was number 175 for our year.

One thought on “Short and sweet

  1. Look forward to some future butterfly pictures. We’ve all fallen into the battery trap. Think we wouldn’t ever be silly enough to not have a spare, but somehow, it happens.


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