Just a tad breezy!

The weather forecast was consulted and the decision made, we would go out early so as to catch the good weather in the morning. Alarm set and we were true to our word, up and out and we were arrived at Salthouse fairly bright and early! As we got out of the car we realised it was considerably colder than recent days. Now we knew it would be a bit colder but we really were not expecting the wind!

Off we set, heading for Gramborough hill and we before long I spied a couple of Ringed plovers but were they Little ones I wondered? Even through the binoculars it was hard to see as they were, of course fairly distant and on the move a lot, but yes indeed they were Little ringed plovers.

It was good to be able to watch them for a while scurrying around.Battling cold and wind we moved on  Linnets were flying past in groups, making occasional stop offs.IMG_0555 Linnet (Custom)

We walked around the hill but couldn’t find anything else of interest, so we set off for Little eye. The walk along the shingle bank was a bit of a battle against the wind it amazes me that birds can still fly on such days!

I have said before that Little eye, Salthouse is one of my favourite placed and that Wheatears are my favourite birds so it doesn’t take much imagination to work out that Wheatears on Little eye are a real treat! The weather didn’t feel a bit like it but seeing Wheatears there made it feel like spring!

We saw a couple of Stonechats and plenty of Skylarks and Meadow pipits like the one here.IMG_0566 (Custom)

We left Salthouse for a coffee stop at Cley and to see what else was in the area before deciding where to go next. There had been a Whimbrel seen from the East bank at Cley a day or so ago so we decided to try our luck at that. No luck, in fact it was very quiet there and the rain was slowly arriving. We saw this single Ruff before heading for cover and decided to call it a day.

I was home for several hours and a couple of hot drinks before I started to defrost! I think the past few outings have spoiled me somewhat when it come to weather. A few days ago the temperature peaked at 16 degree today it managed a meagre 7 degrees but at least the birds are still showing up!



2 thoughts on “Just a tad breezy!

  1. It certainly was a chilly day and you must have really experienced it early along the coast. Great pictures though and beautiful birds. I will try to remember my walking boots tomorrow and maybe we can beat the cold together.

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