What green shed?!

We were having a quiet day in, Peter and little Daniel were visiting and over lunch several messages came in reporting Ring ouzels. They are arriving over the sea but mostly seem to land and take off pretty soon afterwards, we failed to connect with one at the weekend. Peter suggested we went to Snettisham coastal park and I asked if they might join us. Daniel isn’t the keenest birder but yes he was up for the idea of going so off we went.

We started off walking among shrubs  which is definitely an area we will return to later on looking for warbles etc. We had a good walk looking for a green shed which seemed vital in identifying the location where they had been seen along with a Redstart. Father and son looking out for birds! IMG_0521 (Custom)

We went along one bank seeing a House martin on the way…tick! A little up and downing was involved in our hunt for the illusive green shed. We got good views of Sanderlings on the shoreline along with  Oyster catchers, Shell duck and later a pair of Egyptian geese flew over. We crossed to a different path and went on a little further seeing Sand martins…tick!

Daniel was a start although the promise of a shoulder carry for some of the homeward trek helped him to keep going and there was time for  a quick breather.IMG_0528 (Custom)

No matter where we looked we didn’t see the green shed nor indeed a Redstart. We were almost back to the car when we saw not one Ring ouzel but three! Two males and one female, they were too far for a proper photo but I got this one distant snap!IMG_0529 (Custom)

Ring ouzel is one of  very few birds that I life ticked in our own garden and that was when we were living in Hertfordshire! I remember seeing it and commenting on the strange looking Blackbird! I didn’t think then that the day would come when I would be chasing around Norfolk looking for one.

We saw this rather mixed up goose, I suspect a Greylag had been consorting with a farmyard goose!

IMG_0531 (Custom)

A word about moth, the numbers are definitely picking up now, today we had about 45 including the two below!

So a very enjoyable day, lovely to be out with three of my favourite fellas. Three more ticks bring our bird total to 173, not bad!


3 thoughts on “What green shed?!

  1. Loved the casual look of the picture of Peter and Daniel out birding. Ticks coming fast and furious now, though I wonder how the next few days will be with colder, windy weather on its way.

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