A bird for two counties

Today we were on a mission, that mission was to finally get sight of a lesser spotted woodpecker. It has been regularly reported at Santon downham and we were keen to see it. Off we set, a little uncertain of the exact location but knowing the whole site is a super place for a walk so we weren’t too troubled. Shortly into our walk we saw a lovely pair of Siskin, I include the photos mainly to show the colour of the sky!

We walked on and to be quite honest I was not feeling optimistic as it is a large area, lots of trees and that tiny bird could be hiding in any one of them. Eyes peeled meant we did spot another year tick, our first Blackcap, all signs that summer is on the way!

I saw a bird fly out of the trees to my right, across in front of us, it was the hoped for Lesser spotted woodpecker, fabulous! It flew over the river and into a tree. Ian didn’t see it fly but saw it in the tree so technically I spotted it in Norfolk and he spotted it in Suffolk! The river marks the county border and I fact we spent a good bit of our day hopping from county to county.  No chance of a photo but never mind we both saw it and that is what matters.

This little treecreeper was slightly more obliging.

We heard a pair of nuthatches calling back and forth to each other but didn’t see them today. We left Santon and headed for Lakenheath Fen where we hoped to see a Willow tit that has been seen on the feeders by the visitors centre. No luck its that, it was last seen at 8am long before we arrived. We had a good walk there and got good but distant views of a Bittern and a quick in flight view of a pair of Common cranes. We may well return another day and hope the Willow tit obliges but for today we were moving on to Wheeting Heath. This is the total of the pictures I took at Lakenheath!IMG_0242 blue tit (Custom)

Wheeting is a reliable site to see Stone curlews that have brd there regularly for some years. It attracts several other species but for them we must return later in the season.

Spotting the Stone curlews can be very tricky but today they were easy to see, though of course they were distant. They are very strange birds, almost pre historic looking!

After Wheeting we headed for home to plan tomorrow’s trip out. I was hoping something unusual might have flown in as tomorrow is Ian’s birthday and it would have made a good gift. Instead we plan a day up at the coast where we hope to pick up a summer migrant or two.

Blackcap, lesser spotted woodpecker and Stone curlew bring us up to 165


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