Good Friday reflections

My Good Friday began with breakfast of a cuppa and a toasted hot cross bun, well to be honest two! The sky was blue and it looked to be the excellent day the weather folk had promised us.

10am and time for church, time to reflect on the reason for this Easter weekend, for Good Friday. A lovely service, helping us to focus on the events of the first Good Friday, thank you Stephen.

We had decided to head up to the coast hoping to see a summer migrant or two but no luck with finding any. As I found myself to be still in reflective mood I decided to focus on just that, reflections.

Of course you can reflect on life and death, the future, the past anything that is in your mind and you can do it anywhere, but a nice setting helps!

Reflecting alone can be good…

or maybe with a friend or partner…

or it can be a group activity!

The groups above both the Godwits and the Dunlin are in ‘family’ groups but it can be fun to reflect with others too.IMG_0157 Redshank and Godwit (Custom)

If it doesn’t go well you can always walk away!!!

IMG_0158 Godwit and Redshank (Custom)

Little Eye at Salthouse is a favourite place for me, apart from the obvious joy of birding it is a wonderful place to reflect as you go or while you take the weight of your feet!

I haven’t said much about the strangers we have been meeting lately but I will tell you about one today. On Little Eye, tucked in on the side was a chap engrossed in drawing. With his permission I peeped at his work and he was drawing the scene there, as he said not an exact replica but with his own slant, it was looking good. We chatted a little about birds and life and it was a pleasure to meet him.

We went on to Cley, where in fact almost all of the photos above were taken. I think the little Dunlin were my favourite there today but they were soon to be pipped for the bird of the day accolade! We ended our birding day with a brisk walk down the East bank which was in fact rather quiet until we reached the steps back at the car park. Three common cranes flew almost over my head! Off over the trees they went but it was a thrill to see them so unexpectedly, bird number 162.

What a good Good Friday it has been, tomorrow Easter Saturday will probably be a quiet day and then comes Easter Sunday a day to celebrate.

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