Gossamer wings

The sun is out, the sky is blue, there’s not a cloud to spoil the view but unlike the song there’s not a drop of rain in my heart! Instead a life tick, yes you heard me correctly a life tick!

We returned today to what I have heard referred to as ‘Norfolk’s worst kept secret’ but I am not spreading it further! It is a site good for Goshawks and today we saw a smashing pair, In fact we saw two pairs so things look good for the area. Whilst waiting for the Goshawks to wake up and start soaring, enjoying the sunshine a real bonus flew across. First we heard then we saw two Ravens, (first time we have seen them in Norfolk) they flew then landed at the top of high, distant trees. They were mobbed by several Crows in a fashion which I sensed was the crows saying “get out of our county!”

We were further entertained by beautiful ariel displays by some Buzzards.

I would like to tell you one of the many things I love about birding! Generally speaking stick a group of birders together and you soon have a lovely atmosphere. Today was one such occasion, people with more knowledge and experience helping others, making sure everyone saw the Goshawks. We were most grateful for that as I for one had never seen one and Ian only once before and at the distance they were flying I would not have been able to ID one without help, thank you birders! Also we would not have known where to look if it weren’t for a birding/mothing friend, thank you David!

We have this week seen our first two butterflies, a red admiral and a brimstone. Also the moth situation is slowly picking up and I thought I would show you which ones we have had so far.

The bottom two are micro moths all the rest are macros and they are the type we mainly Id. I would like to tell you difference, I used to think it was just about size but I was wrong as some micros are bigger than some macros. If the day everĀ comes when it all becomes clear I will let you know but it is fun learning.

Having only begun mothing last summer we are still catching lots of new types as they change so much not only from season to season but sometimes week to week! You wait and see what we catch later I think they will shatter any image you may have of what Moths look like!

Any way I have a very important date tonight, I am going to a choir performance featuring Matilda so I need to stop writing.

Ravens were bird 160 and Goshawks make it 161

2 thoughts on “Gossamer wings

  1. Sounds a wonderful day! It’s good to hear of the fellowship among birders and how not to worry if new as others usually happily encourage by sharing knowledge.
    I had no idea we have Ravens in Norfolk, have they been here long?

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    1. Ravens are not common in Norfolk so they really were a bonus. There have been several reports of a pair flying over various sites in county over the past couple of weeks so I am assuming they are the same ones.


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