And so to Bed…fordshire!

From Gloucestershire we moved on to Bedfordshire for a weekend with our daughter, son-in-law and gorgeous dog Sprocket (plus cats and rabbits too). We met up at Danish Camp for lunch, if you are ever in the area give it a try! After a bite to eat we went for a walk intending to do a circular walk by the river but due to some flooding we did much the same walk but in separate stages. We had to laugh at the notice ‘Beware deep’ but deep what we know not as it was under water!

We saw a field full of Barnacle geese and of course the ever present Robin. Sprocket entertained us by some athletic log jumping! Later that day Roo and I found a little time to do some shopping.

The next day we all went to the Millennium country park at Marston Moretaine where we separated so some could go for a walk around a lake looking at birds, the others went for a run, now I wonder if you can guess which group I was part of! When we arrived it was grey and very misty, by the time we left the sun was shining. Plenty of ducks and other wildfowl and a good place for Cormorants. We saw three Oystercatchers fly in and land on an island, we later saw them running round in circles round and round the island. they looked so funny, like children playing, in fact I wondered if they were called Alice, Matilda and Daniel!

In the afternoon we visited a very special friend, Richard, in hospital, we had had an email a couple of days previously to say he was in hospital and it was excellent to be able to see him. Whatever his illness throws at him he deals with in an excellent, positive manner, I know a strong Christian faith and incredibly supportive family contribute to that. We also met up with three old friends there, not the best place to meet but lovely to see them. Thank you Roo for making it possible.

Back to pursuing wings I hear you cry!

Monday morning and whilst Ian and I are people of leisure for the year others have to go to work so it was time to say goodbye to family and head home but not before visiting The Lodge RSPB reserve. Like yesterday it began very dull and grey but brightened up beautifully. We had hoped to see the illusive Lesser spotted woodpecker but didn’t, we did however see the Greater spotted one for only the second time this year and a much better sighting.

On our way round to the hide we saw large flocks of winter thrushes both Redwing and Fieldfare. The usual little birds were around the feeders outside the hide as well as some other visitors.

We had enjoyed our walk at The Lodge whether looking forward or up the view was grand!

IMG_9410 (Custom)IMG_9412 (Custom)

We had a good time in Bedfordshire now we have journeyed home to see what Norfolk will offer us next, my goodness this is a good year!


2 thoughts on “And so to Bed…fordshire!

  1. So glad you managed to fit in time with Ru and Stu. Love the picture looking up into the tree. We also saw a hare yesterday though only briefly. Good Spring weather today as you travelled home and I hope the Spring has lots more like it if you.

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