Back to Gloucestershire


The past week has been relatively quiet, due to appointments, travel and rain!  After Ian’s cardiologist appointment on Monday we headed straight for Bedfordshire to spend the night at Roo’s. Up in the morning and off again this time to Cheltenham to spend a few days with one of my brothers, Alan and his wife Judy.

We met Alan at Slimbridge and whilst chatting he showed us a photo he had just taken of a Grey wagtail. Excellent we need that for our year list but of course it was no where to be seen, pesky birds!IMG_9112

We had a short time there, enjoying the various duck and seeing the Scaup a little closer than on our last visit.

IMG_9040Scaup (Custom)

One poor female Mallard was surrounded by about twenty males all with but one thing on their minds! IMG_9053 Mallard (Custom)

Some Rooks had joined the Jackdaw along the path on out way back to the visitor centre. We were heading off to try to see the Penduline tits again and this time, hopefully, get a photo.

When we arrived at the site we were told they had flown off some time ago, never mind at least we had seen them on our previous visit. We went for a walk around the site and it was good to see it from all directions. The distant Sparrowhawk flew across the site before landing on a post where he remained for some time, in fact I think he was still there when we left!IMG_9100 Sparrowhawk (Custom)

The following day, Wednesday, was a total wash out, it poured almost all day so we had a lazy day in with the hope of fairer weather ahead. We were not disappointed as this morning there was no sign of rain! We went to Cotswold Water Park to see what we could find. We made a couple of short stops before parking at the place we were heading out to walk from. Good sightings of Great crested grebe and Goosander along with several Red-crested Pochard.

We enjoyed the walk but didn’t see many birds, although this rather large one flew over!IMG_9146 (Custom)

We saw work in progress, digging out plenty more sand and gravel, maybe next time we visit that spot with be a new lake and who knows what we will see on it!

We met Judy for lunch at Relish Café and very yummy it was too! No ticks today but a very enjoyable time. I think tomorrow we will try to catch sight of the Green-winged teal which has been reported since the weekend but may still be I the area, if not we may venture into the Forrest of Dean.




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