No mud, that’s new!

About a month ago, the day we saw our first Serin, we went to Blakeney in the hope of seeing Lapland buntings. We walked down the sea wall until we reached the gate that we had been told led to the buntings. As we went through the gate the path was thick with mud, we walked until I thought the mud would seep over my boots! Now I wanted to see the bird but I’m not that keen!!!

Today we returned to try again as I had heard they had become easier to see and indeed they were. We took the same walk along the sea wall seeing a lovely pair of Reed buntings as we went, but when we reached the gate there was no need to go through.

The birds were now bolder, mainly due to the fact that someone was regularly throwing seed down around the gate to encourage them out. We hadn’t been there long when one flew onto the wire quite far back and I had hope we would get better views. After a little while about half a dozen of them flew but were hidden in the undergrowth.

Fortunatley a couple of them came in closer and I got a few shots that I was happier with. We decided to go for a walk further along the sea wall to see what else was around.

A couple of Meadow pipits and several Skylarks also made an appearance, some of them were Skylarking something I love to see and hear.

When we had walked far enough we returned and as we approached the place where the Laplands were and we saw a couple of them were in very close to the gate so I was able to take some more photographs through the gate.


So today, February 26th we got Lapland buntings without wading through any mud in fact we said we think it is the first day birding this year with hardly a trace of mud!

Off for lunch at my sisters before wending our way home. Tomorrow morning we intend to make an early start and go to the arboretum to try, yet again, to see the Hawfinches. If there is no blog tomorrow you will know we failed!!!

Birds now 151

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