Fingers crossed for the summer

Another beautiful day but a scan on Ian’s knee meant we couldn’t gallivant out for the day so instead we went our separate ways! He was off to see what is really going on inside his knee and me to try a private hide to see if I want to get a permit for it.

The star that often graces those in the hide was absent today but later in the year I really hope to get some shots. I won’t tell you what it is but I think the first photo may give a rather big clue!IMG_0967 (Custom)

Peter already has a permit and had permission to take me before I open my purse! We don’t get out birding together as much as we used to so it was good to have the opportunity this morning. The hide is not far from home and in a lovely setting, today though it was a very cold place to be. For some reason I thought it was a warmer day than it proved to be so gloves and fleece were left at home…big mistake!

Whilst watching over the water a Heron circled over but didn’t land, he was followed by a couple of Greylag geese, honking as they flew and then a group of Teal which did land.


We turned our cameras to the small birds that were feeding on strategically placed peanuts to the side of the hide. A steady turn over of birds including Robins and  Dunnocks kept us busy.

A little Wren crept in but didn’t stay for long, similarly a Jay made a very brief appearance!

A couple of Marsh tits were flying in and out and it seemed they chose the moment to fly by when I tried to take their picture! I have several photos of bits of wood with not a bird in sight when just a second before a Marsh tit had been there! It wasn’t helped by me laughing every time it happened which probably meant I missed even more shots, thankfully Peter was kind enough to laugh with me (or was that at me?).

Chaffinches, Blue and Great tits were busy and a Pheasant wondered in occasionally.

I had a super morning and I hope I  will enjoy many more visits there preferably in similar company to today. Ian must wait a few days to get the verdict on his knee, hopefully a simple solution will soon make him pain free.


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