Sixth time lucky!

Try, try, try again is what I was told but in this case add another three tries and then we have success! A life tick for us both is what we have been after since January 1st today was the sixth time we went for a Pallid harrier. The first four times at Abbey farm and the last two at Roydon common and I am oh so pleased to say we have it, distant but none the less good views! Take my word for it the dot in the centre of this picture is a Pallid harrier, the other picture is Roydon common as we left it to return to the car.

We were beginning to think we might miss it entirely but our perseverance paid off today as we decided to give it another go around the time it comes in to roost. I had seen pictures of it and read what to look out for. One thing I had heard was that it is smaller than a Hen harrier which as it happens we saw for ourselves as at one point it flew around with a Hen harrier, the two so close to each other it was clear to see the difference. The Pallid also had a tussle with a crow which provided a good view of its manoeuvring skills! It really was a beautiful bird and I was so pleased to get decent views although I would have liked to see it closer but maybe next time!

This morning was spent making biscuits with my three gorgeous grandchildren, they always bring a smile to my face and today was no exception. Daniel was sieving the flour when he suddenly declared that he had a bit of a problem. I asked what it was and he said, “every time I stir it, it falls through the little holes!” bless him, such a cutie. They each made their own batches and they were all yummy!Daniel (Custom)

The past few days, since our return from Suffolk, have been spent quietly. Ian has needed a few quieter days to literally catch his breath but hopefully his situation will soon improve but until then if we need to pursue things more gently then so be it.

On our way to an appointment on Saturday we spent some time sorting through gulls and thankfully found an Iceland gull, we also picked us a singing Skylark. If anyone spots any other different gulls in these snaps please feel free to let me know!

My sister invited us to lunch on Sunday and we stayed two night, quite a lunch hey?! It was good to catch up with them and we went for a walk at Sculthope moor, for a change I took some photos showing the backs of some birds. They are doing some work there making a river walk that will hopefully be open for the spring.


We bought a new, light weight telescope which arrived today so we tried it out this afternoon. It is really good and as the first bird we saw through it was a life tick we can’t complain! Now we need to decide if we want to sell the other scope of hang on to it, time alone will tell.

The Pallid harrier was bird number 149 for the year now we are wondering what 150 will be!



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