January round up

Well January has sped by and I have enjoyed every moment of it!

I confess that at the beginning of the month I felt a tad guilty having given ourselves a year off whilst others carried on working, but a bigger confession is how quickly I got over it!!! It’s a bit like being at school and all day being ‘play time’.

We have been out birding almost every day and eaten most lunches from our flasks, in fact I think we may have forgotten how to work the oven! I have concocted more variations on veggie casserole than I thought possible and discovered new ways to make pasta tasty. I don’t think I have seen a sandwich all year and all this thanks to the gift of food flasks!

The moth trap has been very quiet producing three moths and a wasp through the whole of January, just wait till the spring and summer that will be a different story!

We have been very lucky with the weather, some frosts and plenty of rain but rarely enough to keep us in. These are a few shots taken one very frosty morning.

Yesterday after trying to see the Golden pheasant we went on to Titchwell and Sculthorpe and saw four more new birds for the year, Fulmar, Merlin, Common and Velvet scoter.

We ended the month by doing the Big garden bird watch, this Blackbird was the first to find a fat ball that had been hanging for a while.IMG_0890

Lunch today was not from a flask but with some very good friends (still my oven takes a rest!) and was a smashing time catching up with them.

It has been unfortunate that this has been a time when Ian’s knee has been really troubling him and his heart playing up a bit too, so we are realy hoping that those things improve as the year goes on, but if plans have to be modified so be it. Ian and I have spent more time together these past few weeks than in a long time it has been lovely and we haven’t fallen out so that can’t be bad!!! This photo shows him battling the elements at Sheringham one day.IMG_6222

Reflecting on our month has it been what I hoped for and expected? Honestly I have enjoyed it considerably more than I ever anticipated, it has been brilliant and we have seen many more birds than I thought at this stage of our year. ( A full list appears at the end of this blog.) Have there been any negatives? Really the only one has been that in totally leaving ourselves free to go for any bird it has made arranging to see friends and family more difficult, but I will get better at it I am determined.

I include these pigs just for fun and to show them sharing ‘their’ farm with hundred of birds!


What will tomorrow bring? Maybe a rare bird will arrive, maybe a fox will run through the garden, maybe I will stop at home and do some housework (I doubt that!), or maybe new moths will come to the trap who knows?

Stranger of the month…I think this award goes to the elderly gentleman at Wells, (see Family came too) he had lived there all his life and loved it. I think he would have stayed and chatted all day, and into the night, if we had the time. He was a pleasure to meet!

Bird of the month…I want to pick two, the Serin and the Penduline tit but if I am harsh with myself and had to chose one I would go with the Serin. They were both life ticks but the Serin was slightly more cooperative and let me at least take a few snaps!

Read on to see the list of our sightings so far or stop here if you don’t like lists. Either way thank you for reading these blogs and I hope you will carry on with us through the year.

Birds seen in January (those in bold have been added since last list) 129

  1. Mute Swan
  2. Bewick Swan
  3. Whooper Swan
  4. Pink-footed Goose
  5. White-fronted Goose
  6. Greylag Goose
  7. Canada Goose
  8. Barnacle Goose
  9. Brent Goose
  10. Egyptian Goose
  11. Common Shelduck
  12. Mandarin Duck
  13. Eurasian Wigeon
  14. Gadwall
  15. Eurasian Teal
  16. Mallard
  17. Pintail
  18. Shoveler
  19. Red-crested Pochard
  20. Common Pochard
  21. Tufted duck
  22. Greater Scaup
  23. Common Scoter
  24. Velvet Scoter
  25. Goldeneye
  26. Goosander
  27. Red-legged Partridge
  28. Common Pheasant
  29. Little Grebe
  30. Great Crested Grebe
  31. Red-necked Grebe
  32. Fulmar
  33. Cormorant
  34. Shag
  35. Little Egret
  36. Great Egret
  37. Grey Heron
  38. Red Kite
  39. Marsh Harrier
  40. Eurasian Sparrowhawk
  41. Common Buzzard
  42. Rough-legged Buzzard
  43. Kestrel
  44. Merlin
  45. Peregrine Falcon
  46. Moorhen
  47. Coot
  48. Oystercatcher
  49. Pied Avocet
  50. Ringed Plover
  51. European Golden Plover
  52. Grey Plover
  53. Lapwing
  54. Knot
  55. Sanderling
  56. Dunlin
  57. Ruff
  58. Black-tailed Godwit
  59. Bar-tailed Godwit
  60. Curlew
  61. Spotted Redshank
  62. Common Redshank
  63. Common Greenshank
  64. Lesser Yellowlegs
  65. Ruddy Turnstone
  66. Grey Phalarope
  67. Mediterranean Gull
  68. Black-headed Gull
  69. Common Gull
  70. Lesser Black-backed Gull
  71. Herring Gull
  72. Glaucous Gull
  73. Great Black-backed Gull
  74. Rock Pigeon
  75. Stock Pigeon
  76. Wood Pigeon
  77. Collared Dove
  78. Barn Owl
  79. Tawny Owl
  80. Short-eared Owl
  81. Green Woodpecker
  82. Shore Lark (horned lark)
  83. Meadow Pipit
  84. Rock Pipit
  85. Water Pipit
  86. Pied Wagtail
  87. Wren
  88. Dunnock
  89. Robin
  90. Black Redstart
  91. Stonechat
  92. Blackbird
  93. Fieldfare
  94. Song Thrush
  95. Redwing
  96. Mistle Thrush
  97. Common Chiffchaff
  98. Goldcrest
  99. Penduline tit
  100. Long-tailed Tit
  101. Marsh Tit
  102. Coal Tit
  103. Blue Tit
  104. Great Tit
  105. Nuthatch
  106. Treecreeper
  107. Great Grey Shrike
  108. Jay
  109. Magpie
  110. Jackdaw
  111. Rook
  112. Crow
  113. Starling
  114. House Sparrow
  115. Tree Sparrow
  116. Chaffinch
  117. Brambling
  118. Serin
  119. Greenfinch
  120. Goldfinch
  121. Siskin
  122. Linnet
  123. Twite
  124. Lesser Redpoll
  125. Mealy Redpoll
  126. Bullfinch
  127. Snow Bunting
  128. Reed Bunting
  129. Corn bunting
Moths     3
Winter moth
Mottled umber
Pale brindled beauty
Other insects.  2
Animals ( or What no wings! )  7
Grey squirrel
Grey seal
Roe deer
Muntjac deer
Grand total











5 thoughts on “January round up

  1. I love the month’s roundup! It reminds me of my vicarious travels with you.
    Good idea to put the new birds on your list in bold; easy to scan and catch up.
    An idea you may like to consider as we have enjoyed in the last couple of days in the Norwich dusk. Try and catch the starlings’ evening display, it is fascinating and bewitching. I cannot remember the proper name for it, a gathering perhaps.
    Happy February, short, but hopefully sweet for you.


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