Stuck in the mud!

An early start to the day today as we were determined to catch sight of the Pallid harrier which we have already tried and failed to see three times, today was sure to be the day…please. It was very cold here this morning so having de-iced the car, filled the flasks ready for lunch and gathered extra layers of clothing we were off. We were not quite the first people there but we’re pleased not to have missed the early morning flight that was usually seen.

imageLook at the picture above, the stubble field where it has been regularly seen, can you see it? Look again, more carefully…no we didn’t see it either 😂😂😂

We waited until we felt our fingers and noses were just too frozen so for the fourth time we had dipped the harrier, never mind the year is yet young. We were pleased with a large flock of Linnets that kept flying up, around then back down into the stubble.


We made brief visits to a couple of sites just to see what we might find, we passed a group of Red legged partridge on the way.


I think this Curlew was watching me just as much as I was watching him!


We nearly got blown away at Sherringham! The sea was very lively and there were loads of stones from the beach that had been thrown up onto the promenade by last nights strong wind at high tide.

Back to today’s title, stuck in the mud. We made a brief visit to Holkham just to make sure no rare geese had arrived and no one had noticed! We parked for a short while but when we went to drive away we discovered our mistake, we were stuck in the mud! However much Ian tried the only movement was the wheels as they kept spinning in the mud.

When Ian suggested  I swap into the drivers seat and he would try pushing us out I didn’t argue! Thankfully it worked, there was quite a bit  mud splashing around and our car is now even more in need of a clean but I am pleased to say Ian was not covered as I had feared he might be.

So not one of our best days with too much mud and not enough harriers but still we had fun!

bird total now 110

5 thoughts on “Stuck in the mud!

  1. Oh dear, we saw a car stuck in mud at Cromer recently, it took them several attempts to get out, so we’ll done you. Liking your pictures, they are lovely and crisp, just like the weather.


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