Through rain and sleet

We just managed a short trip to the arboretum on Tuesday and didn’t add any birds but did get our first squirrel of the year!

Wednesday, yesterday, was dry and we decided to go back to Sculthorpe and try to get pictures of some of the woodland birds. It was good to get Brambling although feeder pictures are not my favourite but it was all I could get.

Whilst sitting in a hide I very foolishly dropped my camera’s lens hood out of the window as it was a good eight foot drop I couldn’t retrieve it. Thankfully later on we met a volunteer, Peter, and he waded through the mud and got it back for me, thank you!

We say a lovely group of long tailed tits but only managed a couple of shots, they were followed closely by a beautiful Nuthatch.


We tried and failed again to see the Pallid harrier and have decided to try to get out early one morning and see if we can catch it that way. We did add Stoke dove whilst looking for the harrier. We finished our day off with some shopping mainly hunting new wellie boots but I happened upon a bargain waterproof which I am chuffed with.

Today has been very cold and we have even had snow so we decided to stay home for a change! We were just thinking about lunch when we got a message about a Great grey shrike, it didn’t take us long to decide to go for it (and try out my new jacket). We arrived and met someone that had seen it and pointed to some very distant shrubs that it had been seen in but of course no sign of it then. We were just discussing if there was a nearer place to view from when a local bird watcher came by and advised us of where we could walk to. So off we went in fairly heavy rain  to where we decided to wait and watch. I tried to clean the rain off my glasses but sadly one of the lenses fell out, just then the rain changed to heavy sleet, excellent conditions! But yes at that moment a bird flew into the shrub and it was the shrike, hooray!

With sleet and wind and distance it was not contusive to pictures so I think you will understand why these are far from good, but it is a lovely bird and we were delighted to see it.

It was a Shrike (a red backed one) that got me into birding and have become quite a favourite for me. The bird didn’t stay long and neither did we, back home and hoping for a drier day tomorrow.



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