Family came too

Sunday and the weather looks promising, ’twas time to hatch a plan! Church then off birding and there is news of several nice birds around. Chatting with family yesterday revealed that one of our granddaughters may enjoy coming birding with us. So we got in touch first thing and indeed not one but both of them were keen to come so we arranged to pick them up soon after 11 am. When we collected them we were pleased to hear our son was coming too.

Decision made first port of call was Blakeney where a couple of interesting birds had been reported. On meeting people who had been looking for some time we soon discovered that the birds had gone with the tide! we had a little walk and look for ourselves but there were the usual waders but sadly not a lot else.

From Blakney we moved on to Well next the sea hoping to find a resident Shag and it did not let us down.

We met an elderly gentleman there who had been born in Wells and spent all his life there. He was telling us how things had changed but he was clearly still very happy to be living there, I think he would have spent many hours chatting to us all!

The Shag swam and dived in clear sight and was joined later by a Little grebe. Continuing on our theme of harbours we went on again, this time to Brancaster Stairhe where we hoped to find a Red-necked grebe. We were not disappointed as we soon had sight of the grebe although it was not well positioned for a picture although the  Turnstones were slightly more obliging.

On January 1st we tried and failed to see Rough legged buzzards and a Pallid harrier, it was time to try again. We were fortunate to see not one, nor two but three Rough legged buzzards, flying with a Common buzzard and a Red kite, quite a sight! We just had time to try for the harrier but unfortunatly we were unlucky. A barn owl did its best to make up for the harriers abscense. Whilst waiting and hoping my eye was caught by what at first looked like fire. I soon realised it was the fading sun reflecting on the ends of plastic covered hay bales.

On the journey home we saw several Barn owls, more than I have seen for a very long time. We were also very amused by four birds perched at the top of a shrub, I can’t count them for our list as they were…chickens!


It was lovely to be joined by family today and hope they come out birding with us again soon. We had hoped to get to 100 today but with 5 to add to the list we had reached 99! Well tomorrow is another day and we may go back to Blakney and see if the tide brings our missing birds back.

birds 99

one new insect, a wasp which was lurking around the moth trap.




2 thoughts on “Family came too

  1. A wasp in January, doesn’t it know better?!
    Loved the chicken in a tree. It’s not only rare birds which surprise and delight!


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