Holme from home!

Holme-next-the-sea is on the North Norfolk coast and is a beautiful site with mixed habitats. It was also the place where I first decided that birding really could be fun. I had gone there one day with my youngest son (an excellent birder!) mainly to get out of the house and to have a stroll by the sea with good company. Little did I know that my opinion of birding would be changed for ever. Although I have always enjoyed being out and about and loved to see birds I lacked the patience/enthusiasm to wait for birds to turn up! That day we saw a Red-backed shrike, it kept flying off a little then landing at the top of a shrub and eating the tasty morsel it had just caught. It was brilliant, so close and it really captured my imagination. On our way back to the car we saw another unusual bird and the excitement of birding had got to me!

However that was some years ago, no shrike for me yet in 2016!!!

We were of to Holme mainly hoping to get sight of three Shorelarks that had been seen on the beach. It was a lovely morning and the walk along the beach was super, (it really is had to believe it is meant to be mid winter) light clouds occasionally  hid the sunshine and the sea had quite a bit of life to it.

We added a few more waders to our year list “(oystercatchers pictured above) as we strolled along and as we got to the place the shore larks had been seen we were chuffed to find them still there. They were a little distant and feeding on sludgy mud so sadly no good for pictures but none the less good birds to get, our first mission for the day was accomplished.

We walked back along the shore line then into the dunes where we continued for some distance. Several small pools produced lucky finds including this rather cooperative Little egret.

We kept an eye open for insect life but apart from gnats saw none, they must be waiting for Spring I think.

Again lunch came with us in our new flasks and after tucking in we moved on to Titchwell to see if anything new had arrived there. The light was already fading and the weather closing in so we didn’t stay long but did add to our number

Just as we were getting back into the car the rain began to fall a and we were blessed with a rainbow as we began our journey home and a kestrel on route.

STOP PRESS we have our first moth of the year! An aptly named winter moth, after several days with nothing it was a treat to find this one solitary fella. Not the most exciting moth we will be seeing but the first!



Totals so far:

birds 79

mamals 3

moths 1

others 0

wish me luck for tomorrow as I hope to go on a wild goose chase!


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